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The Nature's Co. Aqua Lily Body Scrub

Question- What happens when you're having a horrible day and Indian wickets are falling to Pakistani bowlers and nothing seems right and you feel like an unwaxed yeti with a bad hair day?

  • You get mail! and you get goodies and since God knows how finicky you are about scrubbing yourself and the dirty ingrown hair you have on your arms, he sends you a scrub to lift your mood! :D
  • India wins the match.
  • And you decide to go get your yeti self waxed the next day. :)
  • Oh and the scrub actually works! :D

The Aqua Lily scrub is meant for dry skin following are the ingredients-

This is from the 'Atmospure' range of their products. I like how the categorize their products like this. Gives them personality! For more info, click this.

What the Aqua Lily Scrub claims-
Take on a smooth skin with the exotic White Lily Body Scrub. Enriched with Lily of the Valley extract which soothes and purifies your skin. Also, beneficial for dry, sensitive skin due to its emollient and hydrating features. Corn grits gently exfoliate dull surface cells and other impurities to reveal a fresh, smooth and radiant skin. In the shower or bath, slather it over your entire body. Rub into your skin, then rinse well. Its gentle and can be used 2-3 times a week.

Rs 975 for 250 ml.

I agree. :)

I've been using this scrub for the last 2 weeks. I used this thrice a week and after 6 uses, following is the good and the bad-

The Good-

  • The best part about this scrub (well its a tie actually, I don't know what I like better) is that it instantly brightens my skin. Yes, this is true for most of the scrubs you would say, but the brightness here is very very evident. I scrubbed a patch on the back of my palm (was testing it) and it left a super smooth bright patch of skin back. Like its too good. I have a problem of dark knees and dark elbows and dark inner elbows (what are they called?) and this scrub has not only instantly brightened those areas, it also left it fairly lighter.
  • This scrub is specifically for dry skin. I have horribly dry skin on my body, and this scrub leaves it soft and smooth and hydrated.  I can really wait a while before slathering on moisturizer, which is not the case usually. Immediately after my bath, my skin is stretched and tight otherwise.
  • When I first felt the texture, I felt it would be too mild to be a body scrub. I was wrong. This is by far the best body scrub I used. 
  • I have used harsh and abrasive body scrubs in the past. I always felt that they have to be that way since the skin on my body isn't exactly petal soft.I was wrong. Apparently my skin IS petal soft, rather, this scrub makes it petal soft.
  • It is non-abrasive, not harsh at all. I have used face scrubs harsher (More on that later) I dont know what it does. I really dont. Milder than my homemade oatmeal scrub (I have a different version for the body, Coarser :P I was surprised) and definitely milder than my TBS bath gloves.
  • It really helps my ingrown hair. I got a fairly painless wax after using this scrub, so I assume it unclogged my pores.
  • My skin is taking better to light moisturizers. What I mean is I use thick creams on my body since moisturizers don't give me lasting moisture and I don't have the patience to carry moisturizers around, but after ex foliating with this, I noticed my skin is still nice and moist after just some moisturizer (yes, thats very big for me:P)
  • I love the fragrance. I am a more citrus and laid back ocean-y smelling person (makes sense?) Never really tried florals.. But this florally aquatic laid back fragrance has had me wrapped around her fingers..err...tube..err... :|
  • Its all natural! :D yayyeee
  • Its a frigging huge tube! and I don't need to use lots! So this'll last me really long. :D
  • The base of this scrub is super-light and super-slick. Its very very easy to spread it on my body. Even on dry skin. (Yes, I tried that too. :|)
  • It doesn't leave a slick layer on my skin though, I have problems with products that don't wash off. This does. Very easily.
  • The tube is one big fat sturdy thing with a flip open cap. And this, doesn't even get dirty.
  • It doesn't increase my bath time by even a minute. I don't know it it really matters to people, But for me, running around in the morning.. I don't have a minute to spare and I usually skip my face scrub cause of that cause of all the mixing honey and taking time to wash it off. This fits beautifully in my routine! :)
  • These are vegan, Cruelty free products. :) Zorro loves it! oh and he likes how I smell. :)

Here, I'd like to mention a 'zilch' between The Good and The Bad

The Zilch-
The price. When I first saw Rs 975, I thought to myself *phew! A thousand bucks for a body scrub?!*
But then I put it aside cause of the size of the tube and the all natural ingredients.

But after using this scrub, I feel the price is totally justified. I mean If I can spend a thousand bucks on a lipstick, I can do so on this scrub too. A thousand times over! :) Okay lets do it again properly,

Aqua Lily scrub, You get slathered on my skin like a dream. You make my skin brighter softer,smoother and more supple. You make light moisturizers work for me and You don't ask me for any extra efforts. You fit into my *busy* schedule and make me smell heavenly. Yes well, you don't exactly come cheap, but then I am so ready to pay the price. For you, a thousand times over. :* 
Will you be my body scrub for life? :D

The Bad-
  • Its a shame you looked at this! I am so in love, I cant think of anything bad.

 This comes with a tiny note on lilies and their benefits. Will click a picture and attach soon. :)

Purchase? I will definitely purchase this scrub and try more from The Nature's Co. Awesome first experience!!

You can visit The Nature's Co. page on facebook HERE.

You can buy Nature's Co. Products online. They ship internationally as well.
You can do so Here

Disclaimer: The product reviewed was sent by the company for me to review. These are my honest opinions.


  1. Tanveer, :D It is totally awesome. Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Anksyyy!!:* I am. Have never known a body scrub like this before. I thought they were all the same till I tried this. :D

  2. too much expensive re......will wit for a free sample lol ;)

  3. haha.. I am going to get this before I run out of this tube!!!:D

  4. errr....too expensive..:P but sure will give it a try. :)

  5. this does look really nice and I really liked nature co's product...would love to try them :)

  6. interestin scrub yaar. I feel like tryin it now. I wonder if it will work on my skin.

  7. Bulbul, :D do:) i've added more details as well.
    Swati, do give this a try.:)

    Bhumika, it is. :)

    Mansi, remember that one time you and me sat talking about scrubs and we were like they're all the same. why waste extra money on it? Evidently not. This is really nice. :D

  8. Ikky, they should seriously consider making you their brand ambassador! You have made all of us interested in this product :D I am getting this now :D

  9. Haha Maha, you know what.. I really liked this scrub.. and I feel the price is justified cause it is better than the body scrubs I used till date.. But then I must remember not everyone is as obsessed with scrubs and that well, at the end of the day, it will still be a scrub. :)I am definitely getting this after I run out of this tube!!:D

  10. I am definitely one person who loves body scrubs! At least with the bath gloves if not a proper scrub. And I have this dark knees and elbows problem which is why I am even more interested in this one :D

  11. Ik..I bought this scrub after reading your review..it feels so heavenly..Looovvvee it..

  12. Prachi!!!!! I am so happy!! I lovee the scrub too!!! :)


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