Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First Blog Award!! the Versatile blogger

I almost want to stand up and give a speech... But I guess I'll save everyone the torture! :)
Sumitha from Be Beauty-licious gave me this award. Thank you soooo muchhh Sumitha! I loveee you!!! :*

Anyway, following are the rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell us 7 things about yourself
  • Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.
Sumitha, I did already, But thank you, thank you so much! you totally made my week!!:*
visit her here

7 Things about me-
  1. I am obsessed with my feet and my palms are super sensitive. I get hand orgasms very easily. :D
  2. I am a lousy liar and a pathetic dancer. I cant dance for nuts, yet I trained to be a Bharatnatyam dancer for 3 years, learnt a little bit of Kathak and Kuchipudi and trained in gymnastics since I was 41/2 till I was 13. :)
  3. I wear two rings on the same finger, my right hand ring finger, its an emrald solitaire surrounded with diamonds and below that, I wear a thick platinum band with diamonds. Thats all the jewelery I wear. No earrings.
  4. I love animals. I love them all. No, not in my plate. I am  vegetarian. O:-)
  5. I am an awesome swimmer. No modesty here. I am superawesome. I believe its very important to know how to swim.
  6. I drive like a man. An I drive really well. That makes me a driver most of the times. I drive an Indica which makes me pretty much a qualified truck driver.
  7. I am very scared of blood. I cant see blood.
  • Hand orgasms, generated by someone else's hands, effective on mine. :D
  • Its all in good fun and I in no way whatsoever intend to hurt anyone. 
I'd like to give this award to the following bloggers:



  1. a certain someone ;) he he ;) my certain someone left town too :(

  2. congrats and nice stuff :)
    'certain someone'!!

  3. Hey congrats and surely you deserve it. keep it up!!!

  4. Congrats Ikky :) Btw me drives like a man too and scared of blood :D

  5. Ikky Cool dearf...congrats :))
    Me super happy haiya..jus cant believe my blog is listed... .u r soo sweet to give me the award...thank u so much ikkuuu

  6. Aarthi!!!:D.. and aww.. i can understand... :) but think of all the presents that he'll get back!:P

    Bhumika, thank a tonne. :D :*

    HOF... Thanks!!:D *blush*

    Nivedita, thanks a tonne. :) means a lot!!!

    Maha!!! thank you :*:* same pinch! :)

    Varshini, thanks a lottt and you're most welcome!:*

  7. hey Ik thank you so much for the tag...and awww.....for the certain someone leaving town.....and BTW I drive lik a chicken and Am NOT scared of blood(My profession does not allow that;))

  8. congo for the forgot that only!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the tag sweety!, will definitely do it xx


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