Saturday, May 21, 2011

Know the Blogger- 7 Things

I've been reading lots of blogs of late.. and I realized its actually quite fun to know the blogger.. You know random likes ans dislikes and weekly love kinds. Its actually fun..
So I decided to do something like this on a weekly basis.. Say every Saturday.. and list out 3 favourite things of all times, 3 things I'm loving this week and 1 thing I hated about this week..  Or something like that. A fellow blogger, Nicola of A Life of a Beauty Addict (go check hers out too, shes fab!) and me we eventually decided to do this every Saturday.
So its my Saturday now and here is what I have to say-

The first 3 will be of all times
The next 3, of this week
The last one I dislike, of all times or this week.. or just a random pet peeve.


       This obviously goes to my family and then my friends.. I mean obviously this is how I'm going to start! Don't tskk me.. This is how even you would start!


And because I love Bonnie, Caroline and Jeremy,......

Vampire Diaries. I watched 2 seasons nonstop in like a week. I love Vampire Diaries. And of I love Stefan! :D I love Damons character.. but I love Stefan. He is hot!


I have a thing for the British Colonial architecture!

The eclair I'm going to eat now. Oh wait..

I meant the one I'm eating now. :) NOM NOM NOM


MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick. Duh. If you've missed the other posts mentioning this you can see them here and here.


90210 the season 3 finale!

Ivy marries Raj. he comes on an elephant. and oh when hes trying to reason with his parents, he goes something like this- " mata, peeta (mother, father, BTW its pita.):P Ivy and I love each other."
I was rolling on the floor laughing!:P


Oh this one is good too. I got to sleep in till 1 pm today. :D I had a 13 hour sleep. 

Ps: Most of the pictures are taken from Google Images, and I don't claim ownership for those.
In case you own them, and would like me to remove these, please contact me and I will.


  1. Hahahahahah @ 90210 ....hehe i just couldnt understand why raj says mata pita ..i mean te guy is indian didnt he correct the script writers that yknow, we just call em mom and dad or at max mumma and papa!!!

  2. Hey girl :D:D
    This is a really fun and interesting list! I watched like 2 episodes of the Vampire Diaries when it first came out and even Damon's beauty couldn't keep me glued... I just had no time! :P
    It is shot really close to where I let me know if you have plans of crashing the set sometime soon!
    I loooove British Colonial architecture too...and am ready to put up a good fight for a REAL Indian eclairs...the ones here are filled with different creme :((
    I don't watch 90210... but saw the wedding scene on was high-larious... :P :P
    - D

  3. Whenever I want to say nice things, you put up something that makes me say all bad things *smug* Deosn't google have a pic of Eclairs? Can't you just put up a googled image so that I can say, "OMG Ikky! We have so many likes in common!".
    Now we have something different - flaunting *smug*

  4. Mehak, I have no idea why they would do that! I dies laughing and rewound it like 5 times!:P hahaha you know they have Indian script writers. They had a Ms/Mrs Padma Attluri, she passed away last year though.. But there are more Indians in the crew!!!!:O

    D, :D thank you soo much!! I made such fun of vampires shining in sunlight and I refused to watch this, but then a friend forced me to watch the first episode, and I wont lie, I was jobless.. so I was hooked!! Oh and I would LOVVVEEE to crash the set. the place looks beautiful! I'm so jealous of you!
    Yay for the British colonial architecture, and the eclairs these guys make near my place are to die for. they melt in my handsssss:| and God knows whyyy they'd do that to 90210!!!:P

  5. Maha, lets pretend its from google. and ohhh if, justt if... you'd ave resisted the Bangalore lure, and would come here, you could've had these!!!:P so hmphhh go jump! :D

  6. Well, I am definitely planning a trip to Hyderabad some time. Just for those Eclairs *drool*
    Ok don't ask me why can't I get it in Bangalore, I am crazy abt chocolates that I cant think straight :P

  7. :D hehhe I know you secretly want to meet me. you're just not saying it out loud:P:P Don't lie Maha, I knowwww whats going on in your head and heart!:D

  8. hehe.. meri jaan.. when shall we meet? :D

  9. Hehe I love it, I am going to do mine now! xxx

  10. Maha, meri jaan, just as soon as you land here!:D :*:*:*
    Nicola, :D yeah was awesome fun!! I'm reading yours now!!:D:*

    Bhumika, thank you!!:D

  11. I wish it happens very soon :D

  12. mata & peeta?? did they use google translation for mother and father? lol... looking forward to these ik... :)

  13. haha I swear I still cant get over it!:P But like Mehak said, the guy is Indian. He could've corrected them!:P this was super lame. :P and thanks! is good to know you liked this!:D


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