Saturday, May 28, 2011

Know the Blogger

Hello everybody!!! I know I promised to post regularly.. and I swear I couldn't for the last 2 days because of my internet conking off!!! :|
Anyway, this is my second week of this and I am so excited! OK so lets get on with the post! :D


Corals. I love corals. Under water. Alive. yes, But the woman who lived in the house we're living in now, did some aquarium business..and that means there are a lot of corals in my back yard.. All in bad shape.. But yea.. Makes me want to go to Port Blair for a vacation!!!:|


Green Tea. Its just so fresh with the mint and a dash of lemon and honey and loads of ice.. makes it my favourite summer drink!


Watching movies/ tv with my brother. He is hilarious! I know Bella's dad is Anil Kapoor and Edwards is Saif Ali Khan, because of him. :D

All your comments on my blog! :) Thats the first thing I check when I open my laptop! :D


The week has not been so great.. :| So I hate No internet. :|


These Pictures are nothing. The rest of them were so gory, I couldn't put those up. You can see them here

Leather. They kill for it. They don't use dead animals! There are not enough left. So get over the crap they feed you and stop wearing animal skin.!


  1. Oh God..I got scared seeing the end pictures :'(
    glad u r back..:)

  2. 2 days!:P I'm right here!! :) I know they are gory.. theres worse where I got these from. It pisses me off to no end with the obsession with "pure" leather or leather! :|

  3. I am not opening the other pics. These aer enough to scare me off. And neither do I own leather or fur nor do I intend to own one at any point in my life. There are so many synthetic ones in the market. Why can't ppl just use one of those and spare the poor souls!

  4. And Anil Kappor and Saif! Lolz.. It never occurred to me and now it is not going to leave my mind :D
    Btw Ikky, you look very very cute in your FB pics :*

  5. Oh my days, that's horrible what they are doing.=-[ poor animals! xx

  6. Maha, They are very disturbing.. :( I wont sleep tonight !:( I hope people get some sense knocked into them some way. It is murder in the name of fashion!
    and Anil Kapoor!:P lol.. and Thank you!!!:D You look super cute too!:*:*

  7. Nicola, Yea.. saddens me to no end! :(

  8. Wow I don't own anything leather except a jacket but this is sad :(

  9. I know.. :( My dad told me this since I was little.. So I have been away from this forever. Its just too sad..

  10. If you wouldn't wear fur, you shouldn't wear leather IMO. You're so right.

  11. I feel one shouldn't wear leather OR fur or any other animal. we have options right.. theres no need to kill for it.. :) Thanks!:)

  12. I so agree with you. Its horrible!! glad you are back after two days. I've been wondering where you were gone

  13. :D already? :P I know its just very sad. I hope one day, everyone in the world will stop.And I hope soon. :)

  14. You have watched way too much of Twilight!! :D Good you are done with it. :P And the 1st picture of the crocs is so sad. People who do this to those poor creatures should be skinned alive and their skins sold in the market. :|

  15. haha yes!!! :( I know did you see the rest of the pictures.. they are really sad!:(
    I finally know someone who talks like me! Shoes and wallets should be made of their skins and sold!!! Oh and not just these workers.. the basta*d bosses who do this insanely inhuman business and EVERYONE who buys it! :| I hateee this! gggaahhh

  16. I know, it is pathetic. The Boss, workers and even the people who buy leather should be skinned. :|
    I did see the other pictures. How do they get themselves to do that?

  17. I really don't know. I feel they are all mentally sick. very very sick. I think I hate them as much as a rapist.


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