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MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque, Swatches, Review

You know it was my birthday some weeks ago, and I posted my Birthday MAC & Clinique Haul here.
I did mention that a lot of those products were presents. Yes, thats how I ended up having the Rubenesque paintpot. :)
So there is a story behind how I acquired a paintpot. :D
See.. I has heard a lot about paintpots and primer for eyeshadows.. but I never gave it a serious thought cause I don't wear eyeshadows on a daily basis. Neither do I when I'm going out most of the times. its just when  * a special party or a night out here and there* so spending over a 1000 rupees was out of question!

But slowly and slowly, I was intrigued to try a paint pot out especially cause  it could be worn on its own.. but I really wanted to get thing I'd use, you know.. A foundation was the first thing I brought from MAC, this I justified thinking it has a wide range of shades and how awesome it looks. Well it IS pretty awesome.. I raved about it here, but then, the thing is, I dont wear foundation. AT ALL. EVER. I just wore it for one FOTD for my blog and I finished half of it trying to learn to wear foundation. ( You got me right, I never used it before, and everyone needs practice. It helps if you've used something before).

So, when I was buying myself Birthday presents and my mum Mothers' Day presents.. I din't ever bother looking at paintpots.
My brothers know, well everyone who knows me knows of the makeup madness that has gotten to me these days.. So he (Not Zorro, the other one) causally , veryyyyyy casually asks me what is that makeup thing you wanted but didn't get? I thought nothing and said paintpot. (I was semi, OK completely hoping he'd get me that.. But the problem was that I'd NEVER checked them out. I always do my homework before getting something like this.. but this time I had no idea.. and rubenesque was the only paintpot I knew other than painterly, bare study, indianwood.. Painterly would be too ashy on me or on any average Indian skintone.. Good as a base. Just that, IMO.

Bare study, too light again or colourless?? I have NO idea. see?!.. and Indian wood too brown.. I didn't know if it'd make any eyeshadow pop.. and Rubenesque is such a pretty colour.. This was the only paintpot I ever wanted.. But I'd never tried it..

I know what eyeshadows I'd like to "checkout in MAC" but I wont buy them till I try them.. :| I HAVE done that before!
So I say yeah a paint  pot called Rubenesque.. and guess what my brother does?! other than choosing to pee over wishing me happy birthday at 12.. and not having any presents when I obviously was expecting something. Anything. :|
I was mighty pissed that night! I hated him so much! bah.
But then the next day after his exam.. he went and picked this up for me....wait for it..... with the money he saved up for my present! :D
How cute it that?! OK that was enough to make me happy! and I love my paint pot even more! :D

So presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, is my beloved Rubenesque paintpot!!

Price, Rs 1050 
  • I absolutely love this paintpot.. I wish I'd bought it earlier..
  • Its a beautiful peachy-gold.. I think it'll look good on just about anybody.. I am NC 40 and my eyelids are very dark.. so.. :)
  • This pretty much covers the darkness on my eyelids in a swipe.
  • I love the colour. OMG. Beautiful!
  • Can be worn as alone or layered beneath any eyeshadow..
  • It shimmers a little beneath my black matte eyeshadow. But I would wear eyeshadow only at night, so its OK.
  • It makes my eyeshadows last all dat. (I dont have oily lids, at all, I have a million lines and thats what makes my shadows crease).
  • This is water resistant.. YAY
  • Stayed on my lids for 5 hours after which I removed it.
  • I swatched it on my hand, made tea, had tea, washed my cup.. while deliberately splashing water on the swatch. (OK, it kept happening cause I kept dropping stuff on me, but thats NOT the point I'm trying to make here, concentrate people), It din't budge. :D
  • It sets really fast.. so you need to be very swift at applying this. Cause when I tried to go over it a little, it became all patchy! So swift motion!
  • It doesn't make my eyeshadows POP, But it lets them be the colours they are. No manipulation there. :)
  • It is beautiful!

For a FOTD with this, click this and this

Did you see the peach and the gold?? :)
I'd like to get Coral Crepe next.. But that can wait. I am very happy with this as of now.. and for a long long time to come! :)
I spoke so much, This post took me 2 days and a headache to finish! :|

Oh and I love this cause my little brothers got me this. This has to be special :D
BTW, I overheard the following conversation they had-
H: Ik wants paintpot for her birthday. What is that now?
Z: what do I know. She told YOU.
H: But YOU are the one blogging with her and encouraging her makeup madness.
Z: Listen, THATS none of your business. She wants it, she'll get it. Get it on your way back from college tomorrow.
H: Yea, anything else? My college is on the other side of the city. And WHY would I go to a makeup store? You go.
Z: I would, But people are scared of my size. Just get it.
H: yeah, you love the attention, don't lie. You like all those scantily dressed women oooohhing and aahhhing over you!
Z: Jealous much?


  1. Ha ha ha that convo is so cute :D

    I knew you'd love paintpots! I'll try out rubenesque the next time I'm at mac :)

  2. Haha that little conversation make me giggle! I want one of these now! xx

  3. I've been eying this one for a long time.Love the gold in it.
    BTW you have such adorable brothers :)

  4. A paintpot is something I've also been wanting forEVER, but when I have the money there're always a million other things to buy.

    Ooo, I finally got Siahi :D The MAC here had ONE left and I got it :D

  5. Wow!! The color is awesome!! Lucky you have brothers like that. but poor brothers,,, so awkward.. but that would help them impress their gfs later. :P

  6. this is a beautiful shade. and wasn't coral crepe LE?

  7. That is so sweet of your brothers to get you makeup and that too MAC! :D Rubenesque is a lovely color, perfect for Indian skin tones. You must try Constructivist also sometime, Ik :)

  8. Ki:D Thank you!!! You know after your post, I really wanted to try it out! o give it a try.. I'm sure you'll love the colour!:D I imagined the conversation cause One is human the other is canine! :)

    Nicola, GET IT! its brilliant!!! :D I am glad I have it now! :)

  9. Sonia, I'm glad I got the right colour without knowing anything about them!:) and thanks a lot! Get this. You wont regret it!!:)

    Shrutilaya, Tell me about it.. I don't know when I would have had this if not for my boys! But you do a lot of eye makeup right? get this!!:D
    and you actually got Siahi?! I cant believe this! you are so lucky!!! :D

  10. Nivedita, I have had brother and male friends do this for me. No female!:P:P ok only one, but she went with a boy too!:P haha .. It is indeed a pretty colour. This has been one surprise cause I really had no idea if it'd look good on me or if it'd be useful at all. I feel like wearing it all the time now!:D

    Rima, Heyy!! how have you been?? It is a beautiful colour:) Is Coral Crepe LE? I have no idea. See..? This is what I was talking about. next time at MAC, I'm definitely checking these out myself!! :)

  11. Appu, Rubenesque is so pretty, I can't get over it!! Thanks a lot.. It was really sweet of them to do this. :) and thanks for the recommendation. will definitely check it out! I'm totally loving this. I don't know why I din't look at these earlier.

  12. Awesome.....I have groundwork...guess im gonna get this too..

    The dialogue at the end...ROTFL. Imagined Z walking into the MAC store.....hehehehe

  13. Omce again read all the comments.....YOUR BROTHERS...hahah...I am in LOve with "Z"..hopelessly in loveeee

  14. I loved the conversation...Zorro should have his own blog now. :-P. Nice review about the paint point. I love reading your detailed reviews. Btw, i have a sigma giveaway. Plz do participate..

  15. Ikky, I am in love with this shade! So pretty it is! And it was really sweet of your brother to get you this one :)
    And you overhearing conversations, that too boys talk :O Datty girl :P

  16. I know right? I'm still in shock = O

    I should, the only make up I bother with is the eyes, and the occasional blush.
    I only wanted Indian Wood before, but now I want Rubenesque AND Indianwood!

  17. This one is really tempting Ik :)

  18. So cute... reminds me of the one time bro saved pocket money and got me a gold pendant for rakhi... sigh!

    ur bro is a gem na... and his conversation with zorro... cracked me up!

    The paintpot is beautiful....! do an eotd ik...

  19. Poornima!!!:D hehe yes was funny!:P Z loves you back you know!:D:* and I do too. andI want t\more of these!!:D

  20. Prachi, thats very sweet of you to say! :) thanks... If he has his own blog, I'll have more work to do!:P and will definitely participate in the giveaway. :)

  21. Shrutilaya. :D Oh yes, you should get these.. I dont know much.. But get one matte and a shimmery one.. :)

  22. Aarthi, Its beautiful, isn't it? :D

  23. Ankita, OMG thats so sweet.. Everyone is always going on about how nice it is to have sisters.. Brothers are pretty underestimated!:P I'm very very happy to have these boys in my life.. they're the best!!:D brothers are so nice to have! And they don't even steal your clothes and makeup!:D
    Thank you once again!!
    Will do definitely! Oh BTW, I have used it in the FOTD I dis few days back. :)

  24. Maha, LOL.. How can I not evesdrop when my brothers are having a convo? about MY present?!:P and this is so beautiful.. If you want to do any eye makeup.. get at least one of these. :)

  25. :D :D And if I plan to do any makeup I'll definitely get one of these :) Btw, I got the chambor teal eye pencil :D

  26. awww!

    I love your review!

    and i love zorrow and your lil brother too for buying this for you!

    Happy belated birthday

  27. Thanks a lot! :D and some more!:)

  28. Its a pretty shade! Me also planning to buy a paint pot (among some other stuff :P) for my bday! Been eyeing Indianwood but will try it out before buying.

  29. Yeah its pretty.. :) You have a paint pot na.. If I'm not wrong.. which one do you have? 1 is good enough for me for the amount of makeup I do.. :P

  30. What a gorgeous color!! Yay I am NC40 too!

  31. yeah.. its beautiful, isn't it?:) yay!:D

  32. the peachy gold is super pretty...n its a gift..dat makes it super special !!

  33. It is.. :) yeah it is special cause my brother got me this!:)

  34. thats awesome :D i loved the convo and your review Ikky :D :D
    dont we want to own each and every color from MAC ??

  35. So true, Rashmi! :D and thank you!:) I want allllll of this!:D

  36. yeahhh count me in ..... dream of MAC what else you expect hahahaha

  37. :D hehe I want to own the store!:P

  38. hi.. pls suggest a gud foundation for extremely oily skin


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