Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger Shoutout- The Life Of A Beauty Addict

You remember Nicola, the supersweet girl I told you about when I did my weekly favourites post?
Okay so this is a shout out post for her! :)

I started reading her blog a couple of months back.. and I'm hooked.. I like reading her short and crisp reviews.. I like the pictures of the beautiful place she lives in.. But most of all I like that she writes with all her heart.

These are certain posts of hers that won me over-

Things I wish I knew when i was younger
Learn to Love Yourself
Sunny Tuesday - This place is so beautiful! I want to go there!!!!!!!! Now!!!

You know what you want, Nicola, and you're doing a brilliant job getting there. Lots of love and best wishes to you! :)

Check her blog out everyone. :)


  1. hey checked dem..reall nice.. :)

  2. You shoudl do shout outs more often - it is SO much fun discovering new blogs! :)

  3. Hey :)
    Loved those links, Im sure everyone can relate to those things, seriously! if only we knew those things when we were younger and learnt to love ourselves earlier! But atleast now is better than never right? :)
    Great job on your other posts too, read a few, fell in love with the soft brown smokey eyes and more with Zorro :)

  4. Awww thank you! Lots of love! xx

  5. Bhumika, glad you liked them! :)

    Ki, I will!! you're right!!:)

    Keerthi, thanks a lot... glad you liked them..
    Yeah, I could completely relate to her writing.. :)
    and thank you.. Zorro says thanks too. :)

    Nicola, all my favourite!:)

  6. Insatiable, :D I know. I just ruined the angelic picture in your head, dint I? :D

  7. Will definitely check the blog :)

  8. hey Ikku checked it out :D beautipul :D


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