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MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer Review and The Ugly Truth

So does everybody hate Monday?

OK so, I am one of those who cant make small talk. So lets just get to the review of the MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
Price Rs 900

Few things you need to know first-

I have been using this concealer for 2 about weeks now.. I used to use the Select MoistureCover for long before this.
I use a concealer under my eyes only. (This matters cause of how different the skin is under eyes and the rest of the face, also, The discoloration is different)
Select MoistureCover was the first ever concealer I used and I was pretty happy with it initially. To begin with, My dark circles weren't as bad and secondly, It dint give me full coverage, so it still looked like my eyes.

My issues with this concealer happened as time passed.
This was pretty sheer cover for a concealer. (when applied, it is opaque, and build-able too) But I needed more coverage.
The build-able part wasn't exactly true, cause the more I'd build the coverage, the more it'd crease.
It didn't photograph that well. (later on in the day)
It wouldn't last under my eyes the whole day, and I really dont like bothering myself with touch-ups during the day, also I dont like looking different.
It'd crease like crazy!!! But was okay after I'd set it with powder. (More on this later).

Does my new concealer deal with all these issues? Lets see.

Note: NOT for the faint of heart. The post gets very graphic and disturbing ahead.


Excuse the eyebrows. :|
Thats me. :|


See my crease lines? :| I have baddd lines under my eyes too. Those are very disturbing images. Hence, i cant put them up. :| End of story. No argument.

Okay does it crease??
Of course. :) (OK So I was kidding, Its fun to scare the cr*p outta you'll)

I think its the fact that I have gazillion lines under my eyes. THATs the problem.

I just set it with powder (I either use the TBS Loose powder or the MAC MSF Natural).
After prettifying some more.

Okay so this is what I think of this concealer-

  • It is a full coverage concealer. You can erase almost everything with this. (I don't know about tattoos, but hickeys.. maybe. :|)
  • The finish is brilliant. its not matte its not satin, its in between, you know like skin.
  • once set with powder, this wont budge. This does fade.. But it takes its own sweet time to.. I need to invest in a primer!!!
  • Has SPF 35 in it. extra protection.
  • For Rs 900, it is a brilliant product.
  • Its best applied with your fingers, I feel. I rub my finger in the pan, that melts come concealer, which adheres to my finger and I dab dab dab blend blend.
  • Does this oxidize on me? I haven't been out for long when I wore this.. But Its definitely fared better than the SMC concealer in that department.
  • You'll be conscious of the effort you put into blending this. Its certainly not "a dream" but its nothing big either. Just when you get used to the easier life.. :| OK I'll shutup now.
  • Thats it. :P
The Select MoistureCover Concealer-
  • The coverage is medium to build-able. It wont conceal zits and other spots, unless very light, It is mainly for the under eye area since it is a very soft lotion consistency. 
  • It blends like a dream. 
  • The finish is almost satin finish.. you know maybe the finishes are same, But since it is of lotion consistency as opposed to the cream consistency of the SF concealer, it looks more satin-y.
  • This doesn't last on me. By the time I reach my destination, I used to feel its gone. But then I realized, It wasn't gone, it was oxidizing  and making my already dark*indireneedofhelp* undereyes worse. Why would anybody want that?!
  • Oh this creases too, and cant be built up cause it creases more. I set it. I reach my destination, It creases again. :|
  • Price, Rs 1050 (I think).
  • I would dab it with the wand and use my fingers or a concealer brush with this.

See? the finish is more or less the same, I really like this concealer other than the oxidizing part. And a certain someone says it oxidizes on her too!:P So I guess most of us would need a primer for this concealer.
I am waiting for the MAC Prep + Prime Collection to be out.. They have a primer specifically for the eye area.. and conceal.. Looking forward to that. Or is it a part of the permanent line? Anybody?? I feel like a teacher. :P


  1. detailed review! which one wud u recommend for oily skin?

  2. Thanks Anks. I'd say it depends where you want to use it. also, Both can be set with powder. Under eyes, it doesn't matter na, like skin wont be oily there. I'd still say go for the Studio Finish SPF35 One cause it fared better on me. The SMC oxidized under my eyes and I have dry skin. Whatever you use, You will have to set it with powder.

  3. You'll conceal spots and blemishes and undereyes. na..If it were something like foundation, that goes over the whole face, then may be it'd matter.. No?

  4. hmmm...the pc was quite scary....booooooo esp teh crease wallah pic..

    But loved the way you dissected these beauties :-))

    **hugsss zorro...runs away**

  5. hehehe In my defense, I warned you!!! :P I know hence the ugly truth. will remove these pictures after everyone who wanted the review sees it!:P

  6. Hmm, I use select moisturecover, but I don't feel it lasts, and somehow it seems rather yellow on me. = /

    Maybe I should try studio sculpt.
    After I'm done with moisturecover. :)

  7. There, see? same issue everyone has. I think its too pink for me though.
    Studio Sculpt is great too, Its a full coverage concealer. But I like Studio Fix better. :D

  8. I was under the impression that this concealer wasn't meant for the eye area: most of the MAC artists near me, at the very least, don't use it for that purpose. It's almost the exact same formula as a pro foundation (the name slips my mind), so they usually use it to cover up blemishes; they use a second concealer entirely for eye area.

  9. Hey Vijji, Lots of people don't use it under the eye area.. but I know loads of people who do. It depends on the coverage. No? Are you talking about the Select Coverup concealer in a tube? or the Prolongwear? This gives me awesome coverage. People use the Select Moisturecover or the Select Cover Up usually under eyes cause its easier to blend under eyes..

  10. ikku...hw ru ??? sorry had some probs with my net connection...couln,t visit ur blog:)
    me likey ur scared toooo :p

  11. Heyyy Varshini, how have you been?? :D Thank you! Oh and to scare you'll was my intention!:P

  12. nice review..ya it creases..n dat pic was scary...but did help :))

  13. haha :P as long as it solved the purpose!:P (of scaring you, i.e) :P thanks. have you used it?? was reading your butterfly review abhi!:P oh and EVERYTHING creases on me. I've given up!!

  14. rofl :P u made me laugh hard wit those statement"K So I was kidding, Its fun to scare the cr*p outta you'll" hehehe :P and the one abt the graphic and disturbin images:P damn gud post :)

  15. haha thank you!!:D Oh and look at the other comments. everyone is scared and scarred. :| I'm trying to put up a brave front here, otherwise I'm hurt!:P

  16. awww..u wer the one who mentioned abt scaring every1 na? :P ok i am nt scared :P

  17. haha, yeah I get kicks out of it!:D

  18. I was waiting for this post while we were tweeting away to glory and then I thought I'll take a teeny tiny nap and I woke up just now :|.
    The images are not scary except the creasing one- that did scare the hell out of me :P Just kidding, I'm very brave :D
    Nice review! I didn't know this was for 900! I
    m definitely getting this once SMC gets over..I'm going to use it everyday now! SMC never creases on me cos I use plenty of compact over it. It didn't oxidize of me earlier don't know why it started doing that recently. Maybe cos I've stopped moisturizing, I jump to sunscreen straight!
    Thanks fr reviewing :)

  19. I know its similar finish but SMC looks more 'natural' under the eyes- like it looks like you skin and softer, hydrated looking skin. Studio fix has a slight cakiness (is that the spelling? :P)

  20. haha see what all I do for you!:P get it. it is brilliant! yeah you are right about this being cakey:|.. but you know this doesn't really oxidize on me YET and if you use this thoda sa, then The finish is non cakey. I am not making sense now. :| Oh and Moisturize! Oh and try Studio Sculpt too before deciding!!

  21. Ok. I'm going to try pro long wear also. Any idea abt its price?

  22. Oh yeah try that as well.. no idea about the price ya.. some 1000/1200 maybe

  23. i commented before too...where did my comment go......:( ikku u writing gorgeous posts...keep it going// :)

  24. Great review. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. I badly needed this post. I am a panda too. :P but this one loks great esp for the spf . For the price looks like its great. I'm getting this one once my exams are over. My server was down for almost two days... so npo internet... Grrrr

  26. I hate studio finish with all my heart. :/ It is so thick and heavy for the undereyes - YUCK! :/

    I like select moisturecover even though it is a little to yellow for me; Doesn't crease or oxidise on me, but it does kind of fade in a few hours!

  27. Beautydiva, thanks. :)

    Nivedita, I quite like it for the coverage. :D Try out prolongwear and studio sculpt too.. oh and try inglot too.. its available in Calcutta no? try it all for 1 day and then decide!:D

    Ki, bwahaha yes it is thick and sticky and heavy and I realized this yesterday when I was wearing this and select moisturecover on both eyes!:P But I love the coverage and I like that it doesn't oxidize on me.. yes and that fades almost immediately!:|

  28. Zeeba, I saw your comment in the mail last night but couldn't publish it from my phone God knows why and then it got lost again. I hunted it down!:P aww thank you!!:D

  29. I liked Inglot's concealer, but I left it at home in India and here, there is no Inglot! So I am still hunting for the best concealer! I am liking TheBalm's Time Balm, but still have to test it :D

  30. Oh i'm waiting for Inglot to come to Hyderabad!!!:| and oh after you test it, do review it!!:D

  31. I need a concealer and I will definitely checking Studio finish. Oh did I say I am going MAC shopping after getting my pay? No I am not flaunting Ikky, just sharing info :D *evilgrin*

  32. OMG I'm so excited!! what all you wanna get?? :D lets discuss!:P I'm saying this cause you'll get clarity!:P:P shoot me a mail! :D I'm sssoooo excited about you shopping. get the best stuff that you'll use most! okay? try out a couple of concealers before you settle on one. and Inglot is not in B'lore.. is it? cause If it is check their concealer out too.. I've heard awesome stuff about it..

  33. this was a v detailed review..I am also hunting for a concealer these days, will b my first have to pick b/w mac and inglot..

  34. thanks:) and yeah try them all.. heard a lot of good things about the Inglot concealer! its available to you, you're lucky!:D

  35. Arre the otherday I went to Inglot. They dont have the right shade for me. Or is it the SA? :O

  36. LOL... If its the shade, visit MAC pakka! you wont be disappointed!! how was exam?:D

  37. haha this post shows how ugly they are!:P


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