Monday, July 18, 2011

MAC Blush in Frankly Scarlet- Swatches, Pictures & Review

Greetings, my ladies
Frankly Scarlet transports me to the old English zone.. To the 'London bridge is falling down' poem. :D
I feel its a beautiful 'pick me up' blush, in more ways than one. You know when I bought this, (I posted it here ) and mentioned how my mommy bought me this to lift my spirits! I was in a pathetic mood!

Price Rs 1050

MAC describes it as a vivid rose-red. I agree. Frankly Scarlet is a matte blush. Very scary in the pan.. But turns into a beautiful blush that lights up once face. I think I have a thing for red cheeks! I remember I was overjoyed when I got this. I have a cream red blush from MaxFactor (read about it here) which doesn't stand a chance in front of this! But I feel that looks beautiful on darker skin.

My finger looks like a sausage! Gahhh!

swiped thrice


Adds a beautiful pop of colour to my face on days when I'm particularly pale. I have very flushed cheeks normally, so this doesn't look over the top on me, but I still I ensure I put it on with a very light hand.

This lasts for around 4 hours on my face, which I think is fab, cause no blush lasts on me! Ever!!

I feel this blush suits a wide range of skintones. For reference, I'm a NC 40-42 (I sway:P) and this is how it looks on me- ONLY Frankly Scarlet. No other makeup.

Used with a very light hand. I think I'm going to put another picture.

I was asked to review this blush for as long as I remember. This is for you, Ankita! I am sorry for doing it so late. I knew I had to be back with this since you practically dragged me out of hibernation. :) And Zeeba, for you too!:P

Oh and I'm doing this after so long.. I don't know if I missed anything.. remind me if I did! :P Thanks! I love you all.. :)


  1. I like this one too! And I'm pretty pale (NC20/25 ish) :D It's one of my favorites, but I agree, it really has to be used sparingly, haha.

  2. Talk about versatility! :) I absolutely love this too! :) So sparingly.. I wonder if I'll ever make a dent in it! haha

  3. It actually looks much more subtle on na !!! I get scared with these red blushes!

  4. Thats because I've used it veryyyy sparingly.. Very easy to go overboard with this. But its beautiful. I just need a flattering picture and some concealer! :P
    I've always loved red blush!:P I'm sure you'd know by now!:P

  5. So glad to have u back!! And so sweet of u to mention me :) It looks great on u! I remember reading in the your MAXFACTOR post :D I love red myself but haven't tried anything except Bourjois cheek stain! Only been red lipstick experiments so far but my NYX red blush is on its way so I'll join the red cheeks gang soon :P You are so brave to put up a pic with just blush on!!

  6. haha yay! I cant wait to see it on you! Thank you, You are just too sweet. :) i need to replace it with a better picture.. I am obsessed with putting ugly pictures.. :P
    Oh and i'll show you my experiments with red.. Blush is pretty much it.. :) :p

  7. thanks for sharing- such a pretty color :D

  8. I love this blush! :D
    My mom almost died the day I got it. But it has changed her mind since then :D

    Oh and Hi :D

  9. It looks amazing on you! Now I'm wondering why *I* haven't tried this :/

  10. The shade is just awesome Ikkoo.....though it looks dark n kinda scary in pan...loved it on you...and yeah you do have a light hand...Cant trust myself for such a subtle application :-))

  11. Amy, glad you like it! :)

    Laya!!!!! Hiiii!! :D I know you told me long back!So pretty, no? I want desire!:P

    Scarlett, I know, named after you, aint it? :)

    Ki!!!! Thank youu! :* I wonder whyy you dint get it?! You should have! Get it now!:D OK?

    Poornima!!!:D Thank you!!Of course you can!! Once you put more on your face, you'll never repeat that! :P Just try it at the store, you'll be in love!:)

  12. Im planning to try the 5000+90 minutes thingie which Mehak mentioned...So maybe I can include this beauty in the redemption of voucher...But will try well at the store b4 the plunge...



  13. :D so cool!!:D Yes yes.. don't buy anything without trying!!:) why are you anon?:P and You won a blog award!:D If you are my Arjun, Calvin Poornima!:D

  14. looks scary in looking gud on u :))

  15. That is definitely very scarlet, it looks quite good on you Ikky! :)

  16. Thank you Bhumika!:D

    I knowww right, Laksh? Thank you!!:D

  17. It luks pretty on u Ik :D and scary in the pan :O I was like OMG wat a color bt once I saw it on ur cheeks It is lovely :)and I remember u promising to post a review of this sooner :P

  18. Thank you Shweta!! :D I know scary right?:P Yes I know.. I am around 2 months late!:P sorryyy!!:(

  19. looks stunning on you! I would never get this shade as it looks so scary in the pan but so pretty on you :)

  20. Gee thanks! :) It is beautiful!! I've seen it work for many people! :)

  21. Thank you so much Nimisha! You're too kind. :)
    You've got a lovely blog yourself! :)

  22. wow! this one's a gorgeous shade Ikya... I was planning to get myself a blush but wasn't sure about what i should go for! And since i am an NC40 too now I know what i want :D
    Thnx for the review Ikya :)

  23. Oh gosh, I would be too scared to try this one. I have flat cheekbones which definitely cannot carry bold colors...but isn't it just gorgeous!

  24. this is looking so pretty on you Ikku :d and that too without makeup it is looking so very beautiful :D :D i know its hard to use Red Blush but once you are hooked you never go back to blaah colors .. right ?? :D :D

  25. Suma, :D yay! I'm glad you liked it! You carry off bold colours very well so its a good idea to get this!:D

    Shivani, Noooo whyy? Was seeing your blush collection yesterday and I am J! Get this!!:D Will look fab on you. :)

    Rashmi!!!:D Thank you!!:* eeeeeee was so lazy to put anything and anyway all makeup I wear it concealer and msf.. no tinted moisturizer no foundation! :D You are so right! I keep using this more!:D Love it! BTW You wear it beautifully and you're daughter/daughter-in law will love it!:P

  26. hahahhaha Ikku you remember ??
    GOD :D :D
    i know this is such a wonderful color and I am so glad and happy to see you love this color otherwise most of the times young gals likes to restrict themselves to lighter shades

    this is just WOW on you and once again i do feel proud how you sport this color with so much ease :D D:

  27. Of course I remember Rashmi!! :D
    LOL You are right.. but its easy for me cause my cheeks are really red.. (not nice:P) normally.. So It actually looks natural when used with a light hand! :D

    Thank you ssoooo much!! You are too kind!!:*

  28. this looks SOO good. The nyx cream blush in rec cheeks is quite similar and i absolutely love it

  29. I know right? :D Thats what I though when I saw it! :D


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