Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Blog Awards.. YAY!

You guys are the most wonderful people I know! I say this with complete sincerity! and mean every alphabet I said. Why so emotional you ask?
Cause you guys are awesome.. to the moon and back!

Just when I was giving up on my blog, you guys had my back.. and right about now when it is generating practically no posts, you guys give it awards to lift my blogs spirits! Thank you for being there for my blog when I chose to get scared and run. :)

So I have been given 3 new awards! :D YAY!

Komal of jewelry analysis who makes her own awesome pieces of jewelry. I absolutely love her necklaces.

Debleena of *Hungover on Fashion!* who is an amazing photographer, Her photos make her and her readers happy! :)

& Siri of Journey Of An Aspiring Makeup Artist who modestly claims she is an "aspiring makeup artist" she is pretty much a pro! and damn good at what she does! :)
You must check their blogs out if you haven't already! :)

YAY! So blog, you are lovely, cool and versatile! :P I love you guys! thanks a tonne! :)

Now there are some rules I need to follow and I'm doing them all together. :)

1) Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
2) Tell us 7 random things about yourself.
3) Nominate 15 bloggers .
4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.
5) Answer the questions given below (Butterfly & Versatile).

So here goes-

Thank you guys, once again!:*

7 random things (I have done this earlier, so newer 7 things) :)
  1. I get into a fix in such situations, I really cant think of anything immediately.
  2. I am a true blue army kid, lived all over the country, mostly very small places like "Harchurah" & "Amarbari".
  3. I was born in Udhampur, Its a beautiful town in J&K
  4. I skipped class I & IV (technically, studied close to a month in both before I was promoted to the next grade) and was the youngest person in my class after that always. :)
  5. When I was in class II, I dint have math notebooks, you know the checkered ones? Cause we lived in Harchurah, which is a tea estate in Phulbari and had Tezpur as the closest "city" dint have those back then. So when my dad was home, he made me those notebooks using his T scale and set square in plain notebooks with a black pen. I decided then I wanted to be an architect, for the tools. Yes. :)
  6. I sucked at playing basketball. Couldn't shoot hoops if I stood under it. But was forced by my teaches into it cause I was one of the tall ones in class. Getting better now. :)
  7. I crack my knuckles under tension a LOT.


Name your favorite color – Blue. Green is a close second.
Name your favorite song – Oh a million. But at the tip of my head, Kryptonite- 3 doors down, and I'd love you to want me- Lobo. It was in an old Indica commercial too. :P
Name your favorite dessert – cheesecake? Lemon. Blueberry is too sweet. :)
What is pissing you off? – There is no network in my dads phone and I called him atleast 47 times now. We say hello and it gets cut! :|
When you’re upset, you? – I am hauntingly silent or I try to laugh and crack jokes, more than whats required.
Your favorite pet – Me. The animal chooses you. Moreover, I feel its derogatory to call anyone a "pet". Not polite.
Black or White? – Err.. both.
Your biggest fear? – That what I feel I don't believe in is for real. Read "ghosts". My biggest fear, I'd rather not say.
My best feature is – My ability to believe truly and completely, But my brother said its not fun. He says its my hair. Actually, a lot of people have said that. :P
Everyday attitude – Just let me be! Bah! :P
What is perfection – Happiness to each is perfection. Get it?
Guilty pleasure – Reading books by Jackie Collins. :P

I'd like to pass on One Lovely Blogger Award to- ( I am going to tag people at random)
The Butterfly award for the coolest blog ever!

The Versatile Blogger award goes to-

Phew!! I know I dint do 15 each.. But these were at the tip of my head.. You guys must check their blogs out! Love them!! :D


  1. Yayy i got a butterfly azward...and my favicon is a butterfly :p :p
    Congrats on your award Ik..
    PS: That vegas volt looks so good on you... i want to try but i fear the boy will go into a state of shock if i do :p

  2. haha yesss!!:P Thank you!:) congrats to you too!
    Try it Mehak!!:D Live dangerously!:P

  3. Ikkuuuuuu...... Thankooooooo and congraaatttsss... :D :* :* :* <3 <3 <3 me too super scared of ghosts!!

  4. Aww Thank you for the award hun :) xo

  5. You are all welcome!!!:D You all deserve it more!:)

    Siri, really? I am petrified!:P I sleep with the lights on!:D

    Pooja, Thank you! :)

  6. congs ikku.... and thanks too :)

  7. Thankoo so much for the butterfly award Ikku :d and congrats.... u deserve all the awards- now come back and let us laugh too ;)
    huggs to zorro

  8. Thank you anksyyy!!:D Congrats to you too!!

    Insatiable, You are most welcommmmeee lover!!:*

  9. Bee!!! :D You are most welcome!!!:D and Thank you!!:D Thank you so so sssoooo much!!! :* I is baccckkk!!:P already!!:D Thanks. Z hugs back!:D

  10. :D thank youu!!! To you too! :)

  11. Yayy I got an award!! Thanks!!!

  12. Hey IK I have tagged u in my blog http://shweta-myrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-summer-besties.html
    do check this :)

  13. WoWW!!! Thank you Ik.. Thts very cute award!! love you!!

  14. thank ya IK sweety... really appreciate it.. :). m soooo happyyyy

  15. Gauri, You are most welcome!:)

    Ankita! Welcome!:):*

    Shweta, Thanks so much:) will check it out!

    Sumitha, You are most welcome!:D Love you too!:*

    Ginger! You are most welcome love!:) I am glad!:*

  16. Thanks for giving me an award Ik! And I loved reading your 7 random things - they're well chosen & very interesting.

  17. Why you're welcome Poohkie!:)
    Thank you! :*

  18. Thanks for the coolest blogger award Ik :D I'm gonna do a post over the weekend! I got 3 of em hehe :) How have u been?

  19. :D you are most welcome Appu! I was just reading your review on Hug me!:D
    Sure! thanks!!:* I've been good! Busy with work and down with a flu!:P Did I say good? :P How have you been?

  20. Congrats!!!! Well deserved :D ^_^
    Nice blog too!!

  21. Congrats !!!! And Thanks a looooooooooooooooooooot dear :)


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