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Just the other day me and mum drove almost out of town to pick my brother up. Now this was fine. I love to drive and me and mom we having a nice time. We got my brother. The AC was blasting on my face now. Thing is, my skin is very confused lately. It is very blemish prone. Very sensitive  and prone to blackheads and I'm making major skin faux pas by not moisturizing well. So this blasting AC dried the cr*p out of my face and I was quite uneasy.. My mum happened to notice this and made me pull over, take out *magic potion Fix+* out of her bag and sprayed it on my face! :O
Other than my face freezing because the ac was still on, I must admit the stretchy uneasy feeling was out! I felt much much better with an icicle for a nose, yes. :)

I figured nothing great right? some moisture work and used my rose water spray instead of Fix + when I was out today. Did it work the same? Yes, in terms of making an icicle out of my nose! :P

Price- Rs 900 for 100 ml.

This is what it claims on bottle :P

The MAC website says - An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. 

Skin drinks it up!

Well, Skin does drink it up. It lightly moisturizes skin and does leave it glowing.
I bought one bottle after much contemplating but I just forgot about how my mum always had this and loved it!
I have used it to set my makeup. Its not exactly a 'fixer' in the sense your makeup wont budge kinds. No. What this does is naturalize your makeup. You know the powder-y look after you are done with wearing your powder foundation or use a powder to set your foundation? Fix+ eliminates that completely and sets it in a way that it looks like your skin but better. :)

It works best for someone with dry skin like my mum and few months ago, me. It works well for oily skin when used to moisturize lightly! Fix+ is moisturizing. After rose water dries on your face or is gulped by your skin, your skin is left dry. No? I know mine is. Fix+ actually moisturizes it which is good since you don't even have to touch your face when you're on the go! Just keep it in your bag and you are good to go!
Does it leak in the bag? No. The cap can be locked and unlocked, like so-



It smells beautifully! I love the smell of Fix+ the normal one more than that of the lavender variant that was launched with the Champale collection.

This is one of the multipurpose products from MAC (not listed like that on the website though) You can spray it on before makeup to lightly moisturize.
I spray it on my Sigma F80 before I blend out my foundation. Works VERY well!(Mine is a cream foundation & does take a while to blend, This makes it easy).
You can use it with pigments, like spray it on your brush before packing on pigments/ loose shadows. This is known to reduce fall out.

The bottle will last you quite a while and comes with a good 2 years of using period.

I LOVE the bottle! It is one of the best spay bottles ever! I don't think I'd want to Back to MAC it! It sprays the product really well. But you will have a trial & error period to know how much would you need to spray on . I did actually go with the 'I need a bib to soak the oil dripping off my face' look once when I sprayed it over-enthusiastically!

The bottle in the picture is my first bottle of Fix+ (my mum is on her sixth!:P She loves it!)
But I feel it works better for her than me, anyway.

Would I repurchase? I wont have to cause my mum will do always. I wouldn't want to anyway because I would like to try the water + glycerin home made version. 

Oh and Ramadan starts tomorrow! Ramadan Mubarak everyone! :) Have a blessed month! We have Sheer Khurma & Sevian Kheer to look forward to! AAnnddd being vegetarian, I shall talk no more!:P


  1. i never knew that this could be used before makeup too. luv the way you take pics.

  2. Ginger!!!:D Thank youuuu so much!! :*

  3. Wow I have been hearing rave reviews about MAC Fix + will have to check it out. I love the idea of locking mechanism on the cap, in fact you are the first blogger who mentioned this! Great review girl

  4. :D Thank you so much! You know I always see people debating over weather to get it or not.. Its just costly water I felt earlier.. But It is pretty nice. Wont work post makeup too well for oily skin. :) Just pre!
    Oh and let me know how you like it. Ok? :D

  5. nice review..sounds gud for dry skin..:)

  6. Really good for dry skin! :)

  7. Nice review Ik. I heard so much about it. but, well, for my overtly oily skin, I think I would skip this.

  8. Thank you Nivedita!!!:D Oh yes, skip!! :)

  9. I LOVE Fix+... Actually forgot how much I missed it!
    I have normal to dry skin so my skin loves it! :)

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

  10. :D That is great!! Aww you're most welcome hun! Ramadan Mubarak!

  11. Probably with my oily skin, it is not for me!!!

    Ramadan Mubarak :)

    ♡ from ©

  12. Ramadan Mubarak Tanvi! :) Oh yes.. not really for oily skin.

  13. You're so funny!! When I'm old and my skin is in mature, dry skin type, I shall use this :P Nowadays Mumbai is sooo humid, I'm looking for mattifying stuff all the time! My TBS Vit E spray is lying unused (Except when I use it to dampen brush for mineral eye shadows). And very nice review!! :) I love the way u write. Your mum is on her 6th bottle *worship*!

  14. Ikky did you try it as a setting spray? does this help your makeup last longer? I have been wanting to get a setting spray and was wondering if this might be a good option. Your Mom is super cool by the way :D

  15. Ankita!!! hehe thank you!!:*:* yeah I know it is getting a little humid in Hyd which is very dry otherwise. Mumbai must be killing!!
    Your vit e works pretty much the same na.. :) Hehe thank you once again!!!:*:*:* lol yeah she has had very dry skin since shes was a baby!:P I did too.. getting weird now!:(

    Laksh, Yeah did.. it doesn't make my makeup last.. just sets it to look natural. can be used to refresh makeup after some time. And if your skin is oily.. then not a good idea to use after makeup..
    haha thank you! will let her know!!:D:D

  16. I guess I would stay away then! :(

  17. hehe yeah.. try making the homemade version and use it.. see if it suits you.. get it then!. :D Too expensive in India like that!:P

  18. I just wanted to get a setting spray. My makeup melts off after a few hours :(. I'll be an oil slick if I tried glycerin, maybe during the winter here! Thanks for doing the review Ikky and saving me a lot of money!!!

  19. yeah thats true! happens to me with normal skin! :D awww you're most welcome!!:*

  20. You aren't helping my no buy in ANYway. :/ humph

  21. :D:D but if your skin is oily, I say skip!!:D

  22. Hey ikku.. i have cinema secrets moisture spray which works quite similar to this one..and it is less than half the peice of fix+! so i'll def skip this. thankoo for the review ikky.. :) :*

  23. :D You are most welcome!!! Oh yes online shopping mata you are!!:*


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