Monday, August 1, 2011


I know that Rakhi is not for another 12 days but my brothers (read H & Z from The Rubenesque Paintpot fame) were kind enough to buy me (read make my parents buy me) a new camera! wooohoooo!!!!!

I wanted a camera under Rs10,000 cause that is all I could afford at the moment and my old Cannon Powershot just wouldn't work anymore. Believe me. The screen was gone. the pictures would come at their will and I had to wait for my camera to be in the mood!!

So my brothers felt bad for me (H did honestly, Z, not too much cause he knew I would bug him to pose for pictures :P) and they asked my dad to buy me a camera! Now I being me, went ahead and got a Samsung camera yesterday (Don't judge! :P It was cool for the Rs 7,000 I paid Like 14.1 megapixel, 5z zoom & HD video recording that sucked a little, but was ok :P) This did bug them a little But my mom was the hero here. She called the camera guy said nothing doing I want the other camera not this my daughter knows nothing!:P

And guess what It worked! The camera guy got scared and took the Samsung camera back!! Ha! (which would have gone to H otherwise :P) and mum and me just battled the rain to go pick my brand new camera!!:D
Its not a DSLR or anything fancy (OK lie- Too fancy for me! :D ) but suits my requirements well! Introducing the new member in our family- *drumrolls*
Black Beauty- Nikon P500! (Cannon was Sylvie)

Which is supercool with 36x zoom, 12.1 megapixel & full HD video recording!

Wish I could take a picture of the camera but Sylvie is at the camera Doc! So lets make do with pictures from  the Nikon India website! :D

 Ps: It is naked still because the camera guy had no cover! Will have to go again sometime to get it!



  1. Whoa!! totally cool! My canon has been super faithful to me - its been 5+ years now!

  2. I know what you're talking about! I love Cannon too! Nikon is just better priced IMO.. :) My Cannon is around 7 years old and I have dropped it like a zillion times!! :( It was 5 megapixels back then and was costlier than THIS camera! was so cool back then!:P:P I will love it forever! Even if it is irreparable, I'll keep it with me!:D

  3. yayyyyyyyyy supercool!!!!!!congrats!! :D m so happy for you!!awesomest present!! :)

  4. :D:D I knoww right! I am shaking so much I'm walking with a tripod!:P :*:*:* Thank you love!!!:D

  5. congrats.. now we are going to see more awesome pics by you.. yay

  6. Listen whats the use of the slide screen?
    I have the g12 with the flip out one so u can take pictures of yourself but i am very intrigued with the slide screen of this nikon one. But curious abt is function

  7. Congrats hon. Gosh, how i wish my brother was this generous. (can I just be green for a few mins?) :P

  8. Awesome!! Lovely gift. and lucky sister :)

  9. wowieeee ikku.... awesome... and to think that i was just gonna post abt my awesome bro who got me mac goodies.... :)

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!..

    Btw...adopting your brothers sound tempting to me...heheheh

  11. What an awesome gift! Congrats! I really want a camera too, but mu stupid one is also very moody & works only when it wants to. So I have to use my cell phone camera :(

  12. Ginger! You are too sweet!:D Thank you!:*

    Classy, I honestly don't know!:P haven't used it that much.. But it says something about being able to see the screen when you're taking pictures from weird angles.. You can set the screen to an angle to see.
    BTW my Samsung camera had 2 screens one in the front for self pictures. I thought that was cool!:P

    Bee! Thank you so much!!:D

    Shivani, Thanks a lottt! haha be green all you want! that was my intention!:P

    Rajeshwari, I know right!Thank you!:D It was mostly my mum though who made sure this happened! and you both share your name! :D

    Anks! realllyyy??? I want to seee!!:D:D YAY brothers are so awesome ya!!

    Poorni:D:D thank you!!! haha I'm sure they'll love you:P

    Poohkie thank you!!:D I know what you're talking about ya.. as long as it works! My phone is very old and has a 5mp camera and it doesn't work so well anymore.. so I needed a new one.

  13. Congratulations!! :) :) take it on a test run already!!

  14. Super Duper cool Camera Ikky!!!
    My friend dropped my camera a couple weeks ago and now it doesnt focus properly :(. But its new so I have to stick with it!

  15. Keerthi! Thank youu!!! Been using it the whole day!:P

    Laksh, Aiyyo! who did that? beat him/her up! :P I know how painful it is. I semi dropped mine already!:P:P

  16. ooo....super awesome ikky...congrats !!!! :))

  17. I dont know how i missed this post. Congrats again! Next, it's going to be a DSLR =)

  18. I'll kill you! after I tweeted this to you like million times?! HMPH

  19. Wow Ikku, congrats, awesome camera.even my cam has been acting up & havin gmood swings. I'll have to snag a new one soon, do post a review with image quality from new cam,would love to hear your reviews before i buy one.

  20. :D:D Thank youuu!!! What you saying you have one awesome camera!!!
    hehe sure.. But I haven't figured it out completely yet.. :S:S


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