Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love days like these! I have an excruciating stomach & back ache. My feet are swollen and I cant walk.
But I'm pampered. My dad leaves everything to sit with me. My mum gives work some rest and sits with me telling stories of her childhood. Those are my most favourite stories ever! The same story I like to listen to all the time!
No one wears red and everyone fusses over me! :D H&Z run around to get me what I want!! :D Mostly food:P
I feel no guilt for lying on the bed watching tv all day, all night just to be out of bed for a bath and to attend to my hyperactive bladder not more than thrice! (I know! talk about self control!:P)

The best part is my lunch- sometimes, my only meal when I'm unwell.. But an awesome one at that!! :D This is what I had today!

picture courtesy Mumma. The camera is a little heavy when i'm weak! :(

You see the fat protruding blue thing? That is my tummy my food is resting on! :P

Oohhh and now its raining! :D


  1. :D:D Thank you! What did you and Kuhu have for lunch today? :D

  2. Hi there. Thank you for entering my giveaway. I apologize but my first form was deleted due to Google/technical difficulties; could you please re-enter? The form should be fixed now. I apologize for the inconvenience! Best of luck!

    PS. I really want ice cream now...

  3. hehe..fat protruding thg..:p
    Get well soon ikku :)

  4. JC, No issues! Thanks for letting me know. :) Haha sure, I'll send you some!:P

    Bhumika, :( You are laughing at my tummy?! You know what happened to the moon when he laughed at Ganeshji's tummy no? :P Not that I'm him... Just saying:P

    Shivani!!! My in-house lovely Dr!!! :D Nothing big! happens to the best of us!:P

  5. haha want me to send you some icecream? :D

  6. Hahaaa, your sick days are fun!! I only puke out tablets and whine, but yeah family support s so awesome on such days! Im sure you wise you;d fall sick more often hmm??? ;)
    PS: your lunch?...droolicious!

  7. Aw, hope you feel better soon! I find ice cream is great medicine, too :D

  8. Keerthi, haha no? I have puke phobia.. so I cant.. Like I cant!:P I fall sick every month! :( I knoooowww!:D:D

    Larie, Thanks hon! It is isn't it? :D

  9. :D Thank youuuuuu Beee!!!:*:*

  10. Such a cute post, I hope you feel better soon Ikky!

  11. heh no. :P I want paani puri all because of you!

  12. Who mentioned chaats? Tell me, wont you? :P

  13. okies......now i get it:P tubelight..no flickering tubelight i am :P
    my sick days are full of work,house work two kids and a husband!!!!!bbbwwaaahahhaaa...so much for family support!!!

  14. Hahah my mum says just that!!! :(:( I'm never getting married!:P


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