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HAPPY?! ~Of Course! says CLINIQUE ~Review

I just realised that I have a very duck-ey smile. Not that it's related to the post, I'm just saying. [Note to self: Come up with better opening lines].
Clinique says: Our best-selling women's fragrance. A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions.

Price: Somewhere around Rs4000 for 100ml

You know reviewing perfumes is a major task. You might like it, you might not. It really doesn't matter if I love it. So I want to make it very clear that you go out and try it before deciding if you like it or love it! :) Or hate it!

The Fragrance: When I spritz some of this on, the first thing that hits me is the citrus-ey sweet smell. Then it is slightly floral. But then after that, I don't know.

What I can tell you confidently is that I love this fragrance. I'm not someone who has a signature scent. You know, I cant be tied down like that. Go ahead, call me Chandler, call me a commitment phobe. But I feel I stick to a certain kind of fragrances. Most of my loved fragrances have the words blue, green ,citrus or aqua attached to them. No, I don't like Davidoff cool water. :| It smells too oily to me. RIGHT NOW.
You get the drift, right?
This, to me is an everyday scent. My mum had it. But who finished it? Yours truly. Yes!!!:D
So that makes this my second big bottle. I had a tiny one long back.
It's a very bright, clean, fuss free, happy fragrance. Now some people don't like this much. But I quite like it. I don't like those sickly sweet, cough syrup-ey smells.
Before this my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea used to be my everyday perfume till I realised it was a little.. err.. how do I put it?! Unlucky. :| For me. Yes, I'm superstitious like that, Alright.

It is definitely a day time perfume for me. But its easily wearable at night as well. Its such a clean fragrance. Very light and extremely fresh! A little goes a long way cause even though it is lite and fresh, It is very concentrated.
I used to carry the smaller bottle I had in my swim bag. And fragrances do get me super nostalgic. So this is something I'll always love.
It reminds me of that one crush, swimming competitions, holding hands and stealing a kiss. When my hair was ruffled, play with puppies, making a big deal  of going to the movies. No, I wont get over how awesome my teenage years were! You shouldn't either! & This was a part of it.

I once went to get the Clinique Happy for men for my brother. That was a very nice fragrance as well. Dint get it. I decided I could wear it. It dint have that typical 'masculine' smell in it. Was nice. Think I'll get that for me too!
I feel this would suit just about anybody! What's with the mature fragrance madness anyway?!

Lasts the whole day on me. This, despite the fact that I have really dry skin and perfumes don't really last much on me! This is an EDP. So good like that.
I'm just going to end this saying it's aptly named. Very bright. Very Happy. Check it out if you haven't already!

PS: I wish I could just give you all a whiff of it! It'd be so much easier.


  1. I've never given it a second thought know, actually, I'm not sure why. It does sound like my kind of smell, though! Will have to stop passing it by at the counters!

  2. I love citrusy/florally pefumes!, gotta try this one out :)

  3. Happy is such a fun, easy perfume. I like it too.

  4. There's so much umm..for lack of a better word 'hype' regarding this fragrance ( i don't mean it in a bad way, i just cant find a better word right now:P), I sniffed it once and didn't like it. Generally I like fresh citrus slightly sweet smells but it smelled so weird and sort of heavy when i tried it. I guess I should and sniff it once more :P Scents--> memories works for me too!

  5. Ohh btw..this post is hilarious :P !! Not in a hahahaha rofl sort of way, but u knw what i mean!

  6. i love good smell...

  7. Yup.......

    Very bright and Happy fragrance..After reading your haul post, I wanted to try this...But that never happened. Just a few days back, I was at Clinique counter and try karte karte...Clinique for Men le liya hubby ke liye. He is a total Kenzo-Davidoff fan. So this was a refreshing change :-))

  8. Larie, really? I don't blame you. The packaging is orange!:P who'd have thought?!:P

    Laksh. :D Yess!!! Try it out! Hope you like it. :)

    Shivani, :D YAYY!!! We have a similar taste!!!:*

    Ankita, haha really? Try it on your wrist this time. It always turns out different on different people. and You've got to spritz very little!:P Thank youu!! I get it:D

    Lhamo Mashutzo, Who doesn't?!:)

    Poornima!!!:D:D aiyyo. Try this also na! I loveee the mens version too! It's so much more citrus-sy and lighter than this!!:D

  9. I love Happy!! I've been using it for years!:)

  10. :D I'm so happyy you like happyyyyy:P

  11. Its got such a lovely name that I wanted to like it, but alas my nose didn;t like it much. If you like citrusy-floral fragrance try Biotherm Eau D`energie Awakening Mist. Its a lovely light citrus mist.

  12. hehe I knoww!! I know people who don't like it much. But they were all boys!:P Most girls liked it!:D Thank youuu for the recommendation! Will definitely check it out!:D

  13. Happy is a chameleon of a perfume on me. S0medays I get fresh bursts of grapefruit mingled with light florals and some days its absolutely horrid on my skin.Very plasticky and unnatural. I love happy for men for my gym though. Very energetic. Loved the review and pics.

  14. Oh I understand that!!! I loved their fragrance for men. I should get that. I use this for gym!:P THANK YOUU!:D

  15. Looks great!! Hope they can add some more quantity to it, then it would be a steal :D

  16. okayyyy!!!! this review is so makng me wnt to buy this one!!!!
    just recieved a bday gift from hubby..the hugo boss femme.....trying it out now....

  17. Try it out first!!!:P Oh and yayy! Even I want presents. :S

  18. U have written about my favorite perfume too.....(not that I work there but i would have bought it even if I wasnt working).....I love both th guys and girls CLinique Happy..They smell so unique and fresh...ITs a lovely purchase.

    Thanks for the review...need to show it to my managers, if u dont mind!

  19. Dr Neeraj, Really? I'm glad you like it! Oh tell me about it! I like both too!:D Very unique, like you put it. :) Of course I don't mind that!:) Thank you for the kind words!:D


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