Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So your best friend is leaving town, your girlfriends are PMSing and pi*sing you off, your special friends are in town no more, sh*t happens! What's a girl gotta do other than bi*chtweeting about it?! Think of things that genuinely make it better.
Here are my top 15 for you!-
(In no particular order)
  • FORGET- It is the best thing to do sometimes, yet very tough. If you can though, do it I say!
  • TV- Watch your favourite show or movie. Watch MTV Grind for all I care. Sometimes concentrating elsewhere helps!

  • READ- I feel I fit this better. Reading requires a little more concentration. Continue with the book you're reading right now or pickup the latest issue of Cosmo. Just read your favourite blogs otherwise. Almost always a mood booster.

  • RUNAWAY- Not the forgetting kind? Do what I do! Runaway. Listen to a trashy song and run. Run on your treadmill or just in your neighbourhood. It almost always helps.
  • SWIM- So you're a water person? Just go for a swim. I love water and I swim my worries away. I am almost never unhappy when I'm in water. You know what they say about not knowing you're crying cause you're in rain? Just don't pee in the pool. Please.
  • SCENT- Vanilla picks you up? use it in the shower! Light some candles, your favourite kind and let the shower drain your issues away! A cold blast helps more than a warm comforting one, mostly. Anyway, choose your pick!
  • PAUSE- I am never good when I react immediately. People say the most hurtful things impulsively and then hate who they become. Pause, Take your time and then respond, if you have to. You could ignore too. Believe me, it's not very rude. I'd rather ignore someone than stoop down to their level and talk back. Plus not everyone says or understands the same things, and that only aggravates the issue more! If it's your best friend, they'll almost always come around.
  • MAKE PEACE- With yourself. Don't fret over why someone said what he/she did. You'll never know. You will only know what and why you are doing (things). Be true to yourself and make peace with yourself. Don't be someone you would be ashamed of. This helps best after the PAUSE.
  • MAKEUP- If you are anything like me, you'll be red anyway. Just dab some gloss and look pretty. If you're the paler kind, wear blush and you'll be good to go.
  • YELL- In your pillow. Not at the person you would want to. Why give him/her that pleasure?!
  • TALK IT OUT (?)- As you must have guessed already, I'm not really good at this, but if it works for you, then by all means go ahead and do it!
  • BE PRODUCTIVE- Look at me, being nice and decent and making a post out of it?! Do something. Write, make, cook, create, anything! Engage all this negative energy and make something beautiful out of it! You'll be proud.
  • HUG AN ANIMAL- If you've had the good fortune or privilege to do this in life ever, you, my friend, are on your way to attain nirvana already. Nothing will make you happier than kissing his nose, him licking your face, a wag that was for you or even him wrapping his trunk around you! :)
  • SWITCH OFF- How is it different from pausing? You know the difference between 'hibernating' your computer or switching it off. All the windows are closed and hopefully the memory is distant.
  • FORGIVE- Go ahead, be the bigger person. Just forgive people. Let go. They are stupidmofofreaksthatdeservetobekickedintheirba*ls BUT you shouldn't think that way! :P Just let it go and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders.
PS: Pictures 1,3 & 6 (from top) have been taken from Google images. I don't claim to own them. If they belong to you, and you'd like me to get them down, please contact me and I'll do it.


  1. Very interesting post. I watch a lot of TV and go out shopping (I would not suggest this one) whenever I fill pissed off :D

  2. Glad you liked it Eesha! Yep, I wouldn't recommend shopping and eating!:P even though I'm guilty of those!:P

  3. Hahaa I know what Im gonna do the next time Im "pssed off"....simply come n read this again..all the goody goody things moms tell you to do in one page, with some bashing though in suupertiny letters, Loowe! Thaanks Eyekss :*

  4. hehe yayyy! I am useful!!! :D:D heh. whattsss uppp kaaayyyy?!

  5. Cute post - we all need to be reminded of things like this sometimes XD I read or take a break and clear out - get some alone time. Usually works :) Makeup works, too! :D

  6. Thank youuu Larie! I'm so glad you liked it!!!:D

  7. cuddling with animals specially baby ones and friends will cheer me up any day
    shitty reality tv works too :D

  8. Ohhh yesss!! shitty reality tv does!:D Damn it! I should have thought of that!

  9. I am pissed off right now... and nothing is working- so I came online to read somethin funny!!!

  10. u covered every possible thing one can do wen pissed off :) I just sleep wen Im pissed off or do things which the one pissed me off don't like :)(I know wicked me hehhehe) gross.. but gives me a lil witchy happiness :)

  11. Shivuu yay! thankuu!:P:D glad u liked it!:*

    Tanvi, Thank youu!!! :D Eid Mubarak to you too!!

    Bee, aww why? what happened? Google Jus Reign. he's hilarious! :D

    Rekha, :D I tried!! I cant sleep when I'm even slightly disturbed!!!:S hehe good! I do it too!:P

  12. Heyy! I had a productive day, studied n then Bodyguard on Big screen IMAX :D
    Movie s a Fail but Kareena s Droolicious! Her makeup and clothes all thru were sooooooo good! She's got a friend in the movie n even she was styled so well!
    Manish Malhotra did Kareena's styling n Alvira, Salman's sister was part of the rest.
    Salman as usual flamboyant but other than them both, the movie has nothing...no comedy no fight sequences nothing :(
    Sorry for the detailed review, Dad was asleep by the time I got back so couldn't unload on him ;)
    Sup with youu?? Read your tweets, you feelin' ok now?

  13. haha I had forgotten I know Doctors now!:P thanks for the review. I wont watch it now!!!:P You're ssooo funnnyyyy!!!

  14. U always make me ROFL Iks :D Loved this post:)

  15. I love "hug an animal." Sometimes, I just pat my dogs or rub their backs or scratch their tummies. It is immensely therapeutic!

  16. high5* accept on all of them only that i watch friends...


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