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SPLURGE Vs SAVE ~ The cruelty free way!

Indian women are waking to the idea of putting on makeup on a daily basis, now. Its not that one lipstick that sees the light of day, err artificial lights at night when its used sparingly for that party or that wedding!
We have just started using makeup on a daily basis and learnt the importance of being presentable and in Simi Garewals's words 'Desirable' at all times and your outfit is just a part of it. Makeup plays an important role too.

So when you're starting out, You don't want to invest heavily in it because, lets face it, whatever we read, whatever we see, we eventually learn through trial and error and you don't want the errors to cost you a bomb!

This is what I feel you should SPLURGE and SAVE on especially if you want to do it the cruelty free way! Most of us would like to do that but we don't have the time, patience and idea.. Hope this helps! :)

Eye Makeup- 
I think every woman plays up her eyes in some way or the other. We Indians mainly use kajal. That is where eye makeup for us starts! Makes a HUGE difference with a little time investment so why not, right?

Kajal is Indian. I would never want to pay a huge Rs1000 for any black pencil. Ever. Infact, I wont want to go over Rs 500. We have a million options for Kajal in India. SAVE.
Try Himalaya, Lotus & VLCC. All under Rs130. Lotus stung my eyes and I don't use it. I like Himalaya.It is glossy and gives a cooling sensation to my eyes. VLCC is a matte black kajal. 
Try Revlon Kohl! Celebrities like Kareena Kaoor swear by it. Stays on all day. hardly smudges, is waterline safe & can be used as an eyeliner! Around Rs400.

Pencil or liquid, choose your pick! Play up your eyes and change your look completely! I think you could still SAVE. There are some of us who make beautiful lines & people like me who take at least 12 minutes to wear eyeliner! If you're like me, I say SAVE.
However if you're one of those who are confident about your eye-lining skills, you could SPLURGE if you please.

SAVE:Lotus has a lot of new ones in different colours. And whats better they don't test their products on animals! Beauty without cruelty! :D Thumbs up!
Revlon Kohl pencil comes to the rescue yet again! You shell out around Rs 400.
Oriflame has gel lines which are on discount more often than not! and You get a damn good price then. I think Its best to invest in those as opposed to brands that test their products on animals. I feel strongly about it. You are still the best judge. Choose wisely. live well. :P I HAD to add that. I am the queen of cheesyness!
SPLURGE: MAC Gel liners, beautiful pigmentation. Soft and glide like a dream! Be prepared with a brush though. They don't have a free one with it and THAT is too expensive! :P
I would buy pencils from drugstores only! (Read Lotus Herbals & Revlon)

You need to toss your mascara every 3 months! There is no reason why you should invest heavily in such a short term relationship! I wouldn't unless I'm making a 7 digit salary PER MONTH! SAVE!
Try the mascaras from Oriflame! At a budget you get supreme quality!
Also, read Ankita's (Corallista's) review on an AVON mascara which she says is pretty much a dupe for the Maybelline Collosal Mascara! There you go. Mascara minus cruelty, awesomeness!

If you're someone like me who doesn't wear eyeshadow on a regular basis, I say SAVE! Pick up quads. Usually they have colours that go together. You get more for less! 
SAVE: Try AVON & Oriflame. Great quality for the price you pay!
SPLURGE: But the quality you get with high-end brands is not matched. You could have a neutral quad or go all out with a palette!
Make your own at MAC or INGLOT palette if you have access to those brands! (Freedom systems are great right?)
I suggest you get a paintpot from MAC. No special skills required. You can use your finger to apply it to your eyelids. Beautiful colours to choose from. Once set, wont budge or run with water OR facewash unless removed with an eye makeup remover! & solves a dual purpose of being a base as well. You can apply it sheer for a wash of colour on your lids! :) Read the MAC Rubenesque Paintpot review here.
You get a MAC (empty) Palette for Rs 840
You get a MAC (empty) Quad for Rs 380
and every new eyeshadow (refill) you buy is for Rs 680
A new boxed eyeshadow is for Rs 900
A palette/ Quad is always more economical.
INGLOT is very confusing to me and I have no access to any store But I'll tell you what a very wise friend said-
The 3 pan empty Inglot palette is around 300 bucks, the 6 pan square one is around 450 I think and the 10 pan is Rs 1400. Each e/s pan is 300/-
Go bug Scarlett from Tich Mich for more!

The first feature we learn to 'makeup'. 90% of us start with lipstick or lipgloss. No? We don't consider Kajal makeup anyway! :P

If you are someone one who likes to experiment with a bunch of colours & don't know what suits you best, then I suggest you SAVE.
If you're somebody who likes to stick to a particular shade, go ahead and SPLURGE! You know what looks best on you and you'll wear it at all times, It might as well be the best quality! :)

*Remember to ALWAYS try the lipstick on your lips (not hand/wrist) at the store. Carry wipes that contain alcohol or carry tissues & sanitizer in your bag, sanitize the lipstick & try it out!
SAVE:Lotus has pretty colours these days for as less as Rs225 ! AVON- a bunch of colours at mouthwatering discounts! Oriflame at discounts!

SPLURGE:Clinique. MAC, a bunch of finishes and zillion colours! These are anywhere between Rs990-Rs1100.
You could also try The Body Shop & Revlon for something around Rs600!

I feel if you have 1 sheer/ transparent lipgloss, you'll be good to go! Layer it with different lipsticks & create different looks! SAVE

I have done without it mostly. If you must have it, you SAVE! Try AVON & Lotus herbals!
Base Makeup:

It doesn't matter if you use foundation on a daily basis or very rarely. You don't want your look to go south when you do it for that once special occasion, right?
This I say check. Try. Try foundations till you get the right texture, right coverage and the right shade! Go ahead and pay up for what wins all!! If you have set a budget, Keep the most for this!
You can read my review on my foundation here.

Ditto foundation! You need to find the right one. No shortcuts here, Your base needs to be right for anything to look right on it! So invest money but most importantly, TIME in it! SPLURGE if you have to.
You can read my concealer review here.

I am a blush freak! Nothing makes me happier than blush! But without being biased, I must tell you that you need one good quality blush that goes with your skintone. The whole point is to make you look healthy and flushed in a pretty way. No one is going to notice the colour of blush on your face unless he/she is as obsessed with makeup like we are!
SPLURGE: Clinique, MAC blushes- different textures & colours to choose from! Rs1150. 
You can buy these in a pan form and fill a palette
Empty Palette (for 6 blushes) Rs 840
Each refill Rs 980

SAVE: Lotus Herbals, The Body Shop Blushes. LA Colors, LA Girl, LA Minerals (If you can buy online like Cherry Culture- always on discount!) :)

SPLURGE Try out different perfumes at stores. Pick one that suits you best! You don't want to get stuck in an expensive cloud of bad smell!

Bravo! Keep up the good work guys! :D

Disclaimer: All the watermarked pictures are mine. DO NOT COPY.
The other pictures are taken from the Lotus Herbals Website.
Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


  1. I love this Posting! very organize...Sigh...I can do without my YSL mascara!!! Even though its way to expensive for my lifestyle.

  2. Gr8 post....loved reading!! :)

  3. Thanks a lot hun! :) I'd like to try YSL Mascaras! Haven't ever tried anything from them! was always under the impression the tested their products on animals and were anyway too expensive!:P

  4. Thank you Pooja!! :D Glad you liked it!

  5. nice post ikky..:)
    n ya paypal worked for me..wat issues u hd ?

  6. Thank you sweetie! :) It dint work for me. I tried last December! It wouldn't connect to my bank account or something don't remember clearly.. then this one person told me that according to the revised laws or something Paypal wont work in India anymore! :( I'll try again now that you said so! :*:*

  7. NIce post Ikky :D The 2nd pic was rofl :P

  8. :D haha thank you Shweta! Gad you liked it! :D

  9. Oh my! hahaha, too good this post is!!

  10. :D Your comment made me laugh! I honestly tried to be serious! But I guess its just me. Never can be! :P
    I'm glad you liked it though!! :D

  11. awesome and a very helpful post ikky! even i recently stopped using makeup from companies which test on you have any idea if lakme tests on animals or not?

  12. thank you Siri!!:*
    I know you stopped. That is a very very sweet gesture!
    Sadly Lakme does test its products on animals Siri! :( I wish they'd stop.

  13. This is a great post! I was thinking of doing something like this - you know, just a basic makeup kit for women who don't want much fuss. Your post is fantastic! I love the pricing options.

  14. Thanks a lot Larie! :)You're too kind!

  15. very very informative post ikky :)

  16. Very, very interesting post! =]

  17. Ansh, Thank you!! :D
    Viji, Glad you think so!! :D

  18. Awesome post!! I don't splurge on lipsticks (the most expensive one I have is Revlon and 1 MAC Lipglass), not on blushes too generally. Love eye makeup so paint pot, e/s I like splurging on! Foundations/concealers too though I do like trying out more reasonable drugstore options cos I get bored with the same ones :P

    A lot of mineral makeup brands make excellent loose powder eye shadows which are great quality wise and cruelty-free too. The only con is they are not available in India!

    Btw Thanks for the link :)

  19. :D Thank youuuu :*
    I know ya.. You buy like a million lipsticks! If I splurged on lipsticks like you did I'd be broke just by buying lipstick!:P
    Eyeshadows are your thing no?
    I know ya! Wish we got those easily here! I really want to try some!

  20. I love how much effort and time you put into this REALLY want to help your readers. I agree with your thoughts, but if I had it my way and money was never an issue, I would say SPLURGE SPLURGE SPLURGE for everything. Sadly, thats not the case lol :P

    BUT YES, foundation is a must splurge. I'm a big complexion girl, my foundation, concealer and blush must look top!

  21. OMG Shivani!! Thanks a lot! Thats the nicest thing I've heard!!:D :*
    True, that I would too. But you know how it is here in India especially, people are just waking up to putting on makeup every single day & hence this! :D
    Some people I know get exactly what they want from drugstores. Lucky they are!

    But foundation, concealer & blush need time investment more than money! But I'd splurge there too!! :D

  22. Naaiice! *sigh* your post also made me realize how sh*t scared I am, of when Im gong to have to go foundation and concealer shopping! yup, dont own or wear any except some revlon trash which leaves me looking like a ghost by evening! :(

  23. :D Arey don't worry! 90% You'll get it at MAC Just take your time choosing your foundation! :D I'm always around!! :D

  24. What an amazing post! And how much effort you've put into it. Me likes:D

    I had no idea Lakme also tested on animals. How'd you find out? How about colorbar?

    Also, please tell what those 2 fonts are. They're super fun.

  25. :D Thank you Poohkie!!!:*
    Lakme does test on animals. :( You can check it if you click the last peta sentence. The whole sentence is linked. :) I couldn't find any info on Colorbar. They never said they DON'T. & when people dodge such questions, they usually do! :( Its really sad Poohkie.

    The fat one is 'Broadway' the thin one, I'll have to check:P

  26. what an awesome and detailed postttt :D

  27. Thank youu!!! You're too sweet!!:D

  28. Great post! I totally agree with you on masacras, i have tried several more expensive ones, but they work no better than some drugstore ones. They dry way too fast, really not worth spending too much on them.

  29. I loved this article Ik. i couldnt stop reading it. and i read it completely on my mobile!. i had commented at that time, but must have messed it up.

  30. :D:D Thank uou Ginger!!!:* That is very sweet of you to say! I know mobiles.. mess up a lot!:P

  31. Very well put Ikky. I would splurge on foundations, concealers and perfumes. Rest, I can make drugstore products work for me :)

  32. Thank youuu :D yes that is nice. me too!

  33. aww you really are the sweetest huh! since when have you known? ;)
    yea after reading yours n a coupla other raves, I kinda figured Il get my mojo from the MAC store, n lady, you do reaize I will take you up on that offer! >:)<

  34. Totallllyyyy!!!:D Thankkkk youuu!!!:*:* MAC also like you know has like a million finishes, Depends if you want full/light/medium coverage. I wish someone had told me all this!:P
    If light-medium would do I highly suggest try Face & Body (apparently it is HD)and also Prolongwear and for full, studio sculpt! :D All these photograph brilliantly! :D

  35. Nu-uh, you are so not getting away with "suggesting"..not anytime soon but around feb-march il be done with my exams n then, we HAVE to go MACing! please? :)

  36. hehe OK.. Done!!! I might be out of station on and off this year anyway!! So Feb-March it is!!! :):D I'm so excited already!:D

  37. Yayy that timimg works purrfect for me! me too! :) :)
    In case you didnt guess, weekend class just got done so im indulging in some happy makeup-and-me time :D
    PS: H&G has some amazing independence day discounts but im too pooped to step out! waah! :((

  38. I knooowww! You suggested it bum!:P Really? I must check it out!!:D

  39. hahaa I meant your trips in and out of hyd ya!! :))
    dija go to H&G?? :( :(
    Im gonna pop in today and see if im still lucky *fingers crossed*

  40. lol no! I forgot about it after writing the comment..:P let me know if anything is worth checking out. OK? Pllleaaaaseee!!!:D


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