Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Shweta from My Random Thoughts had tagged me to do a 'Summer Besties' post! I took forever to do it (Like I'm prompt with anything?!)
Sorry Shweta! I dint have a working camera then! :( So I did it now.

Its a random compilation of stuff I've being loving this summer. Now after writing this, I realized I forgot bath products:P

Anyway, This is it for now-

All together~ Group Shot!


 Himalaya Neem Facepack. Review coming up super soon!


MAC Lipstick in Crosswires.  Review coming up! :)                              >

< MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe. Review here.
 MAC Kissable Lipcolour from the Peacocky Collection in Exhibitionist.  >

 <MAC Blush in Melba. Review here.
 MAC Blush in Bite of an Apple from the Venomous Villains Collection.     >
< MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. Review next up! :)

Non Makeup-

The Swatch watch I got from Fashion & You for like Rs 700, 800 after shipping! I got it checked to see if it was real!:P Turns out, It is!       >

 <My Phone. A very old, broken N95 8gb. I am one of those people who'll use it till it gives up on you!:P

<Don't lose your mind, Lose your weight. Cause I'm my fattest now and when will you try to lose weight if not during summers? :P Its a fun read and most importantly vegetarian. Other than the fact that it does seem to make sense! :)

<My glasses.
 I haven't gotten 
around to getting 
   my lenses yet! Shoot me! And
I'm pretty blind without 
these blue boys!
The book would have been 
useless minus these!

 The normal and magnifying mirror I got from New U! I really like it! :D                           >
<Clinique Happy EDP. I LOVE this fragrance! It is absolutely brilliant! Will review it soon!
 Very summer. Very happy!

After reviewing it I realized that I did reach out and use it a LOT when it was hotter and drier! Review here.                                               >

That was mine. Lets talk about you now! :D

Ps: I have no idea why I decided to do it this way! was a pain! :'(


  1. Nice picks, waiting for review on the MSF, and your glasses are so cute :)

  2. Thank youu!!! Sure thing coming up! :D

  3. New camera and all and you lazy child have still not got your lenses yet? Because of YOU i had to increase the font size on my blog! :X I love the colour of your glasses. :)

  4. :D haha yesss!! but you had to change the colour combination because of someone else!:P
    They are cute no? :D:D Naawww I forgot!:(:S

  5. Wow tat was an awsum list Ikky :D Loved reading it :)

  6. Thank you for making me do this Shweta! I had fun!! :D

  7. waiting for review on neem face pack...

  8. Really nice post Ik. I think I'll do this too even tho no one's tagged me :D

  9. :d Go ahead Poohkie!! I tag you!!!:D:DI want to see yours:P

  10. I loooove MAC! You have a great blog sweetie:)I'm following you :)


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