Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MAC Blush Fleur Power Review, Swatches

 Did you know that girl in class who was good at Math and English and Sanskrit and got a first prize in the science project, flower arrangement competition and almost came first in that 100 m race (Ha! In your friggin' face!) the teacher's pet (obviously) and is friends with everybody? Yeah? We all know those characters, don't we? I knew I wouldn't be very fond of someone from that category till I met Miss Power. Miss Fleur Power. A permanent, satin finish, powder blush from MAC. Let's get to know more about her, shall we?
Everybody looking at my turkey pjs, Raise your hands!
 Colour: MAC describes Fleur Power as a 'Soft, bright Pinkish Coral' colour. In reality, the colour in the pan has a dusty quality to it. Which was why I hadn't paid much attention to it in the start. Last summer when I was looking for a nice bright, clean and happy colour, This blush in the pan wasn't doing much for me, till, TILL I tried this on. And then boy, it was love at first touch! This colour truly transforms to a soft, bright pinkish coral on cheeks.
In my opinion, this is how a perfect blush should be. Adding a burst of health and a pop of colour to your face, while being satin-y and soft. And while doing all that, it's kind enough not to give you clown cheeks.

One of those colours that would suit just about anybody. The best part is how buildable the blush is. You can wear it full power with pale lips and kohl rimmed eyes or barely graze your cheeks with it for that 'I just worked out/ made out' flush. (lol. NOT kidding).
 Texture & Pigmentation: Texture wise, this is the softest MAC blush I own. The mattes tend to harden and the brushes aren't rewarded with as much product when dipped into the pan. But this, one swipe and you have loads of product. Pigmentation wise, these are brilliant. These come a close second to the matte blushes (MAC). But the colour can be built up. Very easily. But I always need to dust away the excess when I dip my brush in.
This lasts on me for a little over 3 hours and that's not bad considering I don't apply a lot of it and that too with just a layer of MAC MSF Natural underneath.
I wore it here previously. A FOTD with it might come up.  Edit- here
Price: Rs 1350. Though when I got it, it retailed for around Rs 1050.

If you want to start with blushes, or aren't yet a fan and would like to own just one and you fall into the Asian skin tone bracket, I completely recommend it to you. Anyone lighter than NC 20 and darker than NC 50, I'd suggest you try it on before making the purchase.


  1. Lovely shade.....Am absolutely loving the colour <3

  2. This is a stunning shade .. does this also harden up after some time ?

    1. No, it doesn't. This the over an year old and the softest blush I own.

  3. What a gorgeous color! I bet it looks beautiful on you!:)

  4. That's gorgeous IKKU. I think I may have a tonne of other similar blushes, but it is too stunning to pass on!!

    1. It is! I'm surprised you don't have it (yet)!! I believed you owned them all! Oh how on this earth did this happen?! Get it and make the world a safe place again Shivu! lol

  5. This blush is STUNNING! It is on my must buy list!


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