Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Review

You know, I'm the last person to know things, notice things or even try them.  I was the last one (in my friends circle) on whatsapp. I was probably the last person on earth to notice the Halloween google (Which I tweeted about. I finally tweeted!! eek! It's been over an year and I swear I forgot almost everything about twitter! @Makeupmonologs is my Twitter handle btw and Makeup Monologues is my Facebook page. Just saying!) And I'll probably be the last one (amongst the Indian beauty bloggers at least) to try out the new Baby Lips and Eye Tattoos from Maybelline!
I'm still in the Fruity Jelly and the older Maybelline lipbalm land but I'm not complaining much!
 The one I have, Berry Bella seemed to be the most pigmented, pretty shade (i dint like the weird purple they had) of the lot Maybelline had to offer, so I got this.
Texture wise, these are not the lightest lipbalm /gloss. This is slightly sticky and heavy (though not as much as the MAC glosses in that department). But give it a few minutes to settle and they wont bother you after that. This also means that these are quite moisturizing and they do make lips quite soft.
 Colour: This is a very pretty, sheer, deep pink with minute silver shimmer in it. Which is not very noticeable after this settles comfortably on the lips. Once applied, these look like a layer for very sheer glosses. Almost transparent with evident silver glaze.
But once it settles (I know!! Thrice and keep counting! I'll use these words a couple of times more in this post!) the colour deepens to what it looks like in the tube.
 By the time it wears off (an hour and a half or 2), it leaves a pretty stain and dry-ish lips behind (or that might just be me). I wear it by itself. The good part is that the shimmer doesn't have a party all over your face and quietly leaves along with the Jelly. (err.)
The cap gets slightly messy because some product chooses to live there. But I must confess that this is what I've been reaching out for most lately. This has to be the first and only lip product in a tube that I have come close to finishing.
You can see the silver shimmer
Price: Rs 150
I might not repurchase this because I want to try the Baby lips, I have pachaas hazaar (50,000) other lip balms to finish (Jk) and I like the regular Maybelline and Nivea lip balms better. (No waiting for it to settle there!)
In other news, me and Mitali are having a slumber party tonight after forever! SO excited! We'll eat, watch spooky movies, might head out for a drink, tell spooky stories and be mature and indulge in non-silly, grown up talk.


  1. I was the the last person to join facebook, gmail and whatsapp. :/ I hate changes maybe..hehe

    Lovely colour. Baby lips is more like a lip balm Ik, even the colour range ones. This one is a proper gloss. Nice review, sexy lips :)

    1. Thank youu Karishma! I really have to try out baby lips after all the hype!:P


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