Friday, November 2, 2012

Revlon Fire and Ice Review

You see the changes I made to the blog? You like? I don't think I will stop fiddling with the layout for at least a few days more till I am completely satisfied or bored. I'm glad the guys from Revlon don't think like me. Or the very famous and iconic Fire and Ice lipstick wouldn't be gracing our lips and making us all glamorous and pretty like it did way back in the 1950s.

Colour: Fire and Ice might seem like a yellow based coral red in the tube, but it translates to a blue based red on my lips. (MAC NC40) But I have seen it look true to it's colour in the tube on skin tones darker than mine, which in my opinion looks stunning! On lighter skin tones  obviously it looks much darker. All in all, this one's a bright, classic tomato red that is bound to make heads turn ans suit a wide range of skin tones.

Texture: It's a super lustrous lipstick and has a creme formula. A breeze to apply, no tugging whatsoever. But that also means it doesn't last as long as a matte lipstick would. Hey my go to red lip is MAC Ruby Woo! So comparisons are bound to happen!! 
White light
I prefer wearing a bright colour like this matte. That takes a little bit of the colour travelling all over my face scare away OR like a stain (for the reason mentioned. lol) But this colour looks beautiful worn sheered with gloss too, which is how a friend wears it a lot  other than the full power colour! And it looks killer on her! She is somewhere around NC 45.
The prettier Yellow light

Price: I'm not sure but I think it's somewhere between Rs 525 - Rs 550

Fire and Ice is one of the prettiest reds available in this price range, other than being a Lipstick of Historic importance. I think everyone should check it out at least once!
In other news, you remember how the bee sting on my right arm wouldn't stop swelling like a hand b*oby? Okay! I was too embarrassed to talk about it! The swelling's gone down but it still is the prettiest coral red! Almost like fire and ice! And this proves that beauty bloggers are more observant and appreciative, in general. Other than being slightly obsessive, in a good way, of course!

P.S: My heart goes out to all you lovely ladies fasting for Karva Chauth lol! But sincerely, I hope the moon decides to show up soon, now and that you all get all the presents you deserve, and more!


  1. Heard a lot abt this shade but feel it looks d prettiest on you.. Honestly..

    1. Thankk youuu Aarth. This made me really happy!:P You're too sweet!! But I really really really think it looks so much prettier on darker skin! True coral red!

  2. Why does this happen to me? Everytime I am on a no-shopping oath, you tempt me with beautiful lipsticks. Nah. Blogger friends are not good for pocket. :P

    Lovely shade. The creaminess makes it more attractive!

    1. Haha truuee! Sorry! :P but this is a permanent product and has been around since 1952 I think. It's not going anywhere!! Lol

  3. Your lips are so perfect! I love Fire & Ice on you!

    1. You always have the nicest things to say! Are you proud of me finally embracing red?!

  4. Loving the lip swatch Ikya.. Stunning!


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