Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Body Shop Nature's Minererals Foundation Brush

What is short and stout and fluffy and furry and fits in your palm like it belongs and caresses your cheeks with it's 'oh so soft' fur and licks your face and wags it's tiny tail and nuzzles your.. Okay so I may have gotten a little carried away. And it might not lick your face or wag it's tail or erm.. nuzzle your neck.. But believe me, if it had any life in it, it would have done that and more! But then there would be a chance of it biting if it was pissed off or worse, run around your place and you'd be running behind the fluff ball saying "Come back you stupid brush or I'll lock you in your cover!"

I'm talking about The Body Shop Nature's Minerals foundation brush. ( It just says foundation. Now, THAT'S weird my friend! And you thought I was, after my recent panic attack Emotional outburst slip up!)

I'll just go ahead and call it my kabuki brush. What a huge name for a tiny thing! Now, I went ahead and Googled 'kabuki brush' and the best Yahoo answer I liked was this-
'A kabuki brush is a small brush usually with a dense head of bristles or dome shaped. Here is a link to one that MAC makes. Many cosmetic companies make these types of brushes not just Bare Escentuals. Here is a link to one that MAC makes :http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/pr…'
So ya. Kabuki Brush it is.

What can I say about this little fur of joy  brush?! I LOVE it goddammit! The heady, mad crazy love that I have no control over! So much so that when I wash it and it's quietly drying on a nice fluffy napkin, I get separation anxiety and start blowing AT it (You disgust me!)

I use this with my MAC MSF Natural, mostly. I use with loose powder, with certain stubborn blushes and also sometimes play with it like my little guinea piggy (pfft! Obviously, I don't do that a lot!). It is by far the softest brush to have grazed my cheek. It is densely packed and fluffy, picks up loads of loose powder and packs a good amount of pigment from pressed powders.

The best part is that it comes in a cover of it's own and I store it in the cover all the time so it doesn't catch dust/ dirt between washes. But the cover is barely noticeable when you buy it! So check! Don't throw it away with the cover!!

I've had it for more than 2 years and I really dint notice any shedding ever. Believe me, considering how obsessed i am with this baby, I would notice. But I do take care while washing and drying it. The trick is to ensure no water goes to the area where the fibers are bound/held with gum because it'll loosen it which will lead to? Shedding and Falling of hair! Very good!
 Basically, it does all that you'd expect it to do while looking and being so adorable! Could you have asked for anymore?! Well only if it could wag it's tail to show it's love fore me..

Price: Somewhere around Rs 1100. I got it long back so don't remember the exact price.
I totally recommend this. let's see you turn into mush when you get this! Yes, you! The one that snickered at the back!


  1. Replies
    1. haha I know, right?! And quite useful too!

  2. You are back!! So nice to see you!! The brush is really good and the bristles themselves look so neat!

    1. haha yeah. Thankk you!! It's actually quite dirty here. baby was sent for a bath after the photo-shoot!

  3. I love love love this brush!!


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