Monday, October 15, 2012

Wearing Bights

How was your Sunday? Mine was nice and quiet almost till the end. Then it got un-quiet. I met my friends Akshat and Mitali and we just drove around, looked for alcohol  ice cream. Was it a bandh?! There was like no shop open! Then we just settled for ice cream. Thank you McDonald's! (We were looking for other ice cream, okay!)

Obviously there was a lot of blog talk happening. I like how after every sentence they were like "Ooohh you should totally put this on the blog!" Some more suggestions/ blog talk went like-

  •  "What?! You wont write about the mysterious case of the lipstick marks in the car incident?!" (Akshat's idea)- This, I actually might talk about one day.
  •  "You have to talk about how Akshat is leaving and how our lives will have no meaning left after he does" (Mitali's whine). Actually, it is true! Don't go Akshaaaat!
  • "So how many Facebook likes now?" (5 minutes and a few sly smiles later) "Nowww?" (Well, in all honesty, I did get 1 more like then! If you're laughing now and haven't liked my page/ followed my blog/ followed me on Pintrest, Go, go do now! If you're feeling bad for me, please do now! If you have already, be a lamb and get your friends to do so too!) Whaaattt! My TOI horoscope yesterday said go do 'blatant self promotion, it will help.'
While this was going on, Mansi, our best friend who lives in B'lore now was thinking of very serious issues. Who knew isolation made people sane! She said " I've never seen you wear So Chaud before! Did you get it recently?"
Me:     "Umm.. noo, I just wear it sheer. So it doesn't look so scary!"
Mansi: "How sheer? Show!"
Me:     "I wrote it there, Manu!!"
Mansi: "But show how. So people know, no."
Me:     "Erm.. Okay." 

I decided it's not a bad idea to make a post out of it actually! TILL I started clicking pictures.
It was a bad day for pictures! My expressions were all wrong. The lighting had a mind of it's own. My hair misbehaved and I realized I need to get my eyebrows done. Not nice.
So, don't laugh!

1. I wear bright lipsticks like So Chaud as a stain. (After sufficient prepping with lipbalm)
 Other: Mascara, eyeliner, MAC Melba, MAC Studio Finish Concealer and MSF Natural (Click for reviews)

2. I gloss the stained pout. add clear gloss and sheer it out more.

3. I use it to add brightness (and sometimes even warmth) to other pale lipsticks/ glosses, like Revlon Colorburst Peach, Mac Ample Pink Plushglass and sometimes even MAC Cosmo. (Seen here and here).
But sadly I don't have pictures for those.

4. I keep the eye makeup minimum when I'm wearing the colour full power. Just some Eye liner and Mascara.

5. When I'm wearing a bright lip colour in all it's glory, I usually keep it matte.It's easier to carry off compared to a glossy bright lip which is not only too over the top (In my opinion) but also difficult in the sense that it settles into fine lines faster and easier than a dry, matte lip. Gloss also makes sure that the colour travels all over one's face.

PS: I wasn't kidding!! Please be nice to my Pintrest and Facebook page!!


  1. Awwwwww...loved the pics.....n the cute post <3

  2. Give me your hair and skin .. :D

  3. it looks pretty on u..btw i liked ur fb pg now =)

  4. Replies
    1. Keeeerrrthhii! ekkada now? I thought you were holidaying!

  5. Loooooovvvvvvveeee ur hair!!!! And I think I'll get So Chaud if only to make my Colorburst Peach look nicer...sumhow I'm not liking it much now.

    1. haha thank youu! It's short now! Let me know how you Like So Chaud!

  6. pretty! i love brights too!!!


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