Sunday, November 4, 2012

MAC Rebel Review, Swatches

Ya, ok this is it! I obviously take "coming soon" too far! lol
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would know about my love for bright colours. Though when I have to get out, I rub those off and replace them with a Mac Cosmo or a Mac Fanfare. The darkest colour I own is MAC Brick-o-la! I might as well name my blog MAC Makeup Monologues, you say?! I really need to venture out and try some more stuff! Anyway, what I intended to say was that, this is one scary dark colour that I obviously never went towards. But recently, when I got a chance to try it, I did (I wanted to see a berry on me, okay?!) and well, let's just say this time, this lipstick chose not to be good to me!

Colour: MAC describes it as a midtonal cream plum. Okay, so agreed that when swatched, it doesn't look as scary as it is in the tube, but I don't know. Is it midtonal? There's something about this colour that clashes with my skintone. It made me look extremely unwell. I wish it worked on me like it works beautifully on so many other women. I honestly cant put my finger on what it is that makes Rebel and me not work.. But well, it isn't called Rebel for nothing! lol.
I've seen this look fabulous on women with lighter skintone. But on my wheatish NC40 skin tone, the purple mixed with some brown strangely gets a grayish tone. Though after I wipe it off, the stain it leaves, has a pretty pink tone to it, the stain isn't too comfortable to wear.(duh!)

Texture: This is a Satin finish by MAC. Best described as high colour payoff with minimal shine. It is creamier than the mattes from MAC, but wont melt on your lips like an amplified or a cremesheen lipstick would but is still soft. The lasting power is great too, (better than cremesheens and lusters for sure). One would need a bit of prepping with lipbalms before wearing this for a comfortable wear in my opinion.
top: 3-4 swipes, bottom 1 swipe
Price: Rs 990 for 3 grams of the product.
Recommendation: For someone who thought she knew what would look good/bad on her, I made a mistake with this one. But I've seen Rebel look stunning on a lot of girls! So I would only say that if plums/purples are your thing, try it out before spending 1k! I read somewhere that a berry coloured Maybelline jewel lipstick is a close dupe for Rebel.
Also, many dusky women tend to pick these colours up, browns, purples, maroons (that look almost black!) and that only works against their complexion. It might (there's a chance) make one look slightly fairer (and with our country's obsession with fairness, we'd try everything!) But not in a good way! Believe me! One looks bloodless and sick if not sallow and dull. Some dark shades even make people look darker. So if you're one of those ladies, please venture out (I promise, too!)! Look for brighter shades in colours like reds, apricots, pinks and corals, you'll be surprised how well they suit out Indian skin tones!!
Sorry, no lip swatch! I can't get myself to put up something I look utterly hideous in!

This one is definitely a teenager and I was the overbearing, bending backwards to please the child, mommy! Boo.

P.S: I wore this lipstick for an entire day lounging around with my frind till she told me this- " I know you keep looking at me for approval, But I'm sorry! this is just not your colour. Or day. Or I don't know man! Just wipe it off!"


  1. Darkest lipstick you have is brick o la.. now i can understand y this doesn't suit u..

    1. haha You know I've been trying some dark lipsticks lately, and those look pretty decent on, if not great.. But this did NOTHING flattering to my face!

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  3. I bet that looks STUNNING on your gorgeous face!

  4. I own d berry named maybelline lipstick :-P It suits me actually but I cant wear anything else on my face. Bad tat rebel doesnt suit u !


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