Friday, November 9, 2012

L'OREAL Glam Shine Quartz Strass Review & Swatches

The phone and internet are finally working! If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about, (read: If you don't follow me on TwitterFacebook) I'm talking about some people, while trimming tree branches for Diwali cleaning, "happened" to cut our phone line. Now, I don't know if it's just us or our neighbors too.. But I digress.. Imma finish this post and play Nancy Drew! Btw, this post is about one of the oldest and most used lipglosses in my stash.

Colour: Quartz Strass is a soft, sunny pink. I really am at a loss of words (really bad at describing colour). There's a whisper of coral in it, but it translates into the most flattering soft, glamorous pink on warm skintones. It's almost that colour you see on practically every pout in a picture used in a very stereotypical manner when talking seriously about women, online or even in those serious magazines. (Sometimes, they have pictures with high heels in them or even shopping bags.) 

Texture: This is fairly non sticky to me (when compared with MAC glosses) It's also lightweight and sheer with a wash of colour in one swipe. Though lightweight and non-sticky, it's really long lasting. Upto 3 hours of wear easily in two coats, after which it leaves a stain and a truck load of glitter behind. Despite the glitter, this is very comfortable to wear, as the glitter isn't too gritty (Compared to the tiny Maybelline tubes) But that also means that these are really high on shine! This is by far the shiniest gloss I've ever tried (even without the glitter, these are really shiny)! (BTW I don't own any MAC Dazzle glasses).
The truck load of Glitter: is well, a truck load of it, which mainly is golden. So that goes quite well with the warmth of the rest of my skintone and not make it look OTT. Ok, who am I kidding?! The glitter seems crazy especially when you stand under street lights. (Listen, you have to do that at times, when you're helping your friend reverse her car or ok that's all I got!) 

The best part about this gloss is the heart shaped applicator it comes with which I very intelligently forgot to picture. I shall update this space soon. Promise. Now this heart shaped applicator is special because it distributes the gloss and glitter very evenly and covers my lips properly in one swipe! Which means, I don't have to go over and over with tiny applicators trying to reach every corner and fill every area while the applicator deposits blobs of colour. Now, I know that I make my mouth sound like the earth. But tiny applicators deposit gloss unevenly and that's a pet peeve!
Another good thing is that it doesn't settle in the lines of my lips and to me, that happens a lot! Though the glitter does tend to deposit in lines if you don't rub your lips, But I have a habit of doing that a lot! Even unnecessarily sometimes!
I love how my lips instantly look pouty with this on! Makes lips looks all polished and kissable but don't even think of it! Unless, you want you're man/ woman to have glitter all over his/her mouth and side locks and chin. Err.. NOT that I would know..
On the downside, the glitter travels all over your face, kiss or no kiss. It has potential to reach your hairline and I don't even want to go down South! So you know when that odd strand of hair sticks to it (I know I said it's non sticky, But it's still gloss, dude!) and you push it behind your ears, the glitter will draw one sharp line back!

Price: Around Rs 550- 600.
If you don't mind the glitter, these are really great glosses in my opinion. I honestly, have no issues with the glitter because I like looking like Christmas decoration It makes my lips all pouty and pretty and SO glossy, it's blinding! And lately, I'm a very festive mood and am drawn towards anything with sparkle plus I'm single now.. So.


  1. I love the gloss shade, I remember L'oreal had launched it in 3 similar MLBB shades, though the OTT glitter is a bit for me,but on you it looks gorgeous :D

    1. I remember quite a few shades in this collection! But this was quite old.. Thankk you Pooja! The glitter is so festive man! :P

  2. how I like looking at your lip swatches.. hehehe

    1. Hehe thank you Bee. Wait, in a good way right?! Or to laught at? Lol

  3. I'm yet to try these. I like more pigmented glosses and little less shimmer but you've sold me on this one! I love your sense of humour, so glad you're blogging again!

  4. Love it! Love the color and the packaging as well. I am just a little bit concerned of the glitters. But I will try it out and see for it.


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