Sunday, November 11, 2012

(Planned) Diwali Outfit

I've been insanely busy having crazy amounts of fun lately! There's just so much positivity and festivity around, it's hard not to be like this! I've been catching up on all the movies I missed. I've been spending real good quality time with family and eating really really good food that my parents have been cooking.

Ok now to the real festival part, Diwali is here!! (The festival of lights, for those unaware. Celebrated on a no- moon night when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating the king of Lanka Ravana. It's one of the biggest festivals in India). All my Diwali memories have us wearing full sleeved cotton Shirts and jeans and socks and running shoes. Never have I really worn (nor anyone in the family/ neighborhood. lol) an Indian outfit on Diwali. There are 2 reasons to it-
1. The places we've stayed at most of my life have been cold. And we couldn't afford to wear the pretty, embellished, midriff baring outfits.
2. Have you seen Indian clothes?! With the dupattas and stoles and pallus and silk? It's really easy for all that to catch fire! (I really don't know how they wear all that on tv. And apparently some people actually do!)

But this time, since we're in Hyderabad, where it's quite pleasant and we're still wearing our shorts, I decided that all of us should wear some traditional Indian stuff, ONLY for the Lakshmi Puja. After which, shoes will be on, and less dangerous clothes will be worn and diyas will be lit and we'll have a ball!
So with the things in the house still upside down (some renovation and we're practically living out of a suitcase!), I looked for something I might have out. I found a blue cotton skirt with gold polka dots, a brocade top that I had no idea existed I got and a maroon chiffon dupatta I stole from a beautiful salwar kameez set. And this will also be my first Outfit of the Day post! lol I'm so excited! (Actually not! I've put on quite a bit of weight since last year and my arms are out of control! But what the hell, right?!)
I'll do a proper OOTD after Diwali when I have the jewelry and stuff out, too! Okay?

In other news, Mansi is in town and we're heading out for yet another Diwali party! Oh and I cut my hair on a whim so it's not as long as it is in that picture! My mum took me dancing last night and while I knew it'd be fun, I had no idea fun would be too small a word lol! I had the best evening ever!! Ok, later!!


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