Friday, November 16, 2012

The Diwali Hangover

My rangoli

a sparkler

It feels like I haven't posted in ages! Probably cause it's been ages, but then considering my track record, it's not too bad, no?
Ok so did I wear what I intended to on Diwali? No.
We visited some friends before the Puja and got late so we carried on in what we wore. lol
Did we burst crackers? Barely any! I've been cracker free for a while but the Diwali's before Hyderabad were crackling! Just some fuljharis (sparklers) and anars (flower pots) this time. Lots and lots of diyas and loads of sweets and food and meeting friends and rangoli. (My first grown up attempt!)
All my friends were in town and I guess I'll just do another post on all that!
Oh and the taash! We sat down to play cards, as is tradition, but my brother took over and started his magic tricks ans the game never happened lol. But sorry, makeup and dressing up wise, nothing special happened! lol But it was high on fun! Not many pictures, because we were all busy having fun and I'm not in any picture, Ok, 1 But it's horrible!
Also, it was scary that Zorro isn't really scared during Diwali (I know lots of animals are petrified of the noise and fire) But we were scared after a Diwali last to last year when he tried to grab a flower pot on fire!
Hope you'll had a crackling Diwali!


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