Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breakfast at Truffles

Yeah I know how I just made Truffles sound like Tiffany's  lol. You know by now that my friends were in town for Diwali (Considering I've mentioned like 639751 times already). We went to have breakfast because well, you can't leave home on Diwali, in the evening!! Ok, it's probably just me! I have this thing where every special occasion I absolutely have to be with family! So my new years, birthdays, all festivals are at home/ with family. Plus with the entire city in a frenzy,you cant step out, ok!
I don't have another picture! I need a photographer who can make me look good!
Akshat's Papaya smoothie

He thinks this picture is gross

At work
Mitali's Blueberry pancakes with chocolate sauce 
Pouring Maple syrup over my pancakes
 I had a ball clicking pictures (and I really had no idea I was this bad!) Which means I ate my blueberry pancakes cold. Truffles, in my opinion is the most visited place in Hyderabad now. Everyone seems to want to go there and catch up, and for good reason. It's a really charmingly cute place.



  1. Oh what a fun breakfast outing. I feel like having pancakes now... And oh.. even i stay at home for all celebrations and festivities. :)

  2. OMG! this is so tempting that I'm hungry way past midnight! :P
    Nice post Ikya! :)

    And, I have given you an award on my blog. Please accept. It's very fun and interesting!! :)


    1. Haha I've to try not to look at these pictures myself so I'm not reminded of the yummy pancakes! Thank you SO much Dhriti!! Very, very sweet of you!

    2. Look at it! Get hungry.. Go have more of those!! :D
      Your clicks are too good! :)

  3. The place looks so wowwww n the food too : D

    1. It's cute! But nothing one MUST visit, especially in a place like hyd! There too many "iconic" places here! Haha

    2. I am so jealous to hear that.. Was asking hubby if there is any such place in Chennai and he said 's' and he will take me there this weekend :D

    3. haha especially since the Falaknuma Palace became Taj Falaknuma, that just took away the cake!!:P


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