Sunday, November 18, 2012

MAC Impassioned- Review & Swatches

I've had MAC Impassioned for over an year now, This was meant to be my 'only to look at' lipstick. I bought this on a day I was craving change, I also remember getting a (drastic) haircut that very day. Subtlety is not my middle name! This was my 'the world shall be colourful and brighter from now on' purchase, and I strongly believe that it changed my life! If you aren't a believer, content yourself with knowing that it made that trying time easier. Life post Impassioned has been fabulous! Obviously, I never wore it (outside) before I started blogging again, which is almost an year after it was bought!
With all the lights and festivity around, I was sure no one would notice this bright, bright neon colour on my mouth! Boyy was I wrong or what! Despite all the lights and blingy clothes around me, I've always, ALWAYS been asked what I'm wearing on my lips when I wear this!
Facing sunlight Top: 1 Swipe, Bottom, 3 Swipes

Indoors, Top: 1 Swipe, Bottom,  3 Swipes . This is as close as it gets to the exact colour on my skin
Amplified Finishes from MAC are highly pigmented with true-to-the-colour-in-tube payoff and are creamy. Perfect for this weather, with my drying lips, I couldn't have asked for anything more comfortable.
MAC describes it as Amped up fuchsia. Okay, so I Googled Fuchsia because I always thought it was a bright pinkish purple, Like the flower. This is what Wikipedia has to say (Click for the entire article) 

Fuchsia (pronunciation: /ˈfjuːʃə/few-shə) is a vivid reddish or pinkish purple color named after the flower of the fuchsia plant, itself named after the German scientist Leonhart Fuchs. Some people might think Fuchsia is a synonym for magenta although it is an entirely different color than magenta in some color palettes. Magenta in many color palettes has far more brown in it than fuchsia.
So is that it? I don't think so. Impassioned has way more warmth in it, It's a bright (almost neon) reddish coral pink in my opinion.

Under white light, like you'll see below, it seems like a blue based pink, but still far from having any purple in it. I can say this confidently, because purple, however dark, stark or soft, on my lips makes me look like a zombie.
In spite of being so bright, this is a very very flattering pink. This suits a range of skin-tones and looks particularly beautiful on (warm) Asian skin-tones. I am NC 40 for reference.
Please note  that both the lip swatches don't show the colour as it is. They only depict how different the colour looks under different lighting. Obviously, I din't have a decent lip swatch, I'll post a FOTD next.
The above picture was taken facing sunlight, which is why the colour was washed out. The actual colour is in between the two.
It lasts for a little over 3 hours on my lips after which it leaves a stain behind.

Price: Rs 990
Everyone should own a pink. This one is bound to make heads turn and can be worn in a lot of ways (Read the Wearing Brights post here). I found mine. Is this yours?


  1. I loove the color but too bright for me !!

  2. want to c how it looks on u.. pls put an fotd pic..

    1. No noooo not too bright, ok it's bright. But for everyone!! You mussttt check it out. Or try speak louder. Looks absolutely beautiful on a friend scared of neons. I'll put up a picture tomorrow!

  3. aww impassioned is my fav MAC lippie! love it so much and get complimented whenever i wear it:) xx


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