Monday, November 19, 2012

UPDATED Face Of The Day- Impassioned & a Blog Award


Facing Sunlight
Updated pictures show the true colour of the lipstick on me.
Makeup breakdown (Click for reviews)
I wish I had a better FOTD! Grr.. Butthat'snothtepoint,. Thepointis, I got a blog award from the very sweet Dhriti from Corals In A Shell. This was the first time I visited her blog and it's really cute. Go visit it if you haven't already! I just realized how I just post on my own blog (uhm It's better than before, okay!) and vanish. Truth is, I make it a point to read a few blogs (since forever) quite regularly but it's more often than not from my phone and I rarely ever comment because of that! And I've barely discovered any new blogs because of that very reason. I hope to sit and catch up one of these days!
Anyhoo, The award I got is called the Liebster Blog award. Now I Googled and found out that Liebster is 'dearest' in German.

I'm supposed to answer these questions from her-

1. What is that one thing you like the most being a "blogger"?
When I blog, it's that time of the day I am mighty pleased with myself, pretending to be all important and stuff. lol

2. What does "beauty" mean to you?
Beauty to me, means being happy. I swear I don't intend to sound all deep and profound here. It's just what it is!

3. You're on an island all alone and there is no network on your mobile or any way to connect to the outside world. What would you do to escape?
If you know me at all, you'd know how glad I'd be! I'd probably hide if I saw some rescue team.*

4. Your favourite writers of all time? (Please don't say the "too many to pen" thing!)
My favourite writer of all time has to be Ruskin Bond. He is why I started reading and I continue to do so. I love the simplicity with which he conveys the deepest meanings. In one of his stories A Tiger In The House, he said "Once you have lived in the Himalayas, you belong to them, and must come back again and again. There is no escape." I can't tell you how true that is if you haven't ever 'lived' in the mountains. Over 7 years in the planes and I'm dying to go back! Oh and being brought up in hilly areas, it was easy to connect with the beloved Rusty growing up. There are many other authors whose works are appreciated. But Ruskin Bond has to be my first and favourite, because if not for him, no Grisham or Hosseini would would have ever entered my world.

5. If you had the world's best camera in your hand, what would be the first thing you'd capture? 
Ok this is really difficult! I'd want my family picture, but that I cant take. so I'd probably photograph all my friends while they are swimming and show them how bad they suck and how much better than them I am! Lol no, that would be mean. I'd just probably point and laugh. That's the meanest Ican get! I'm harmless.

6. Polkas, hearts, or military prints?
My mum has had this heart printed shirt ever since I can remember. (Ok I just found it in a trunk of old clothes) and I absolutely love it! It's as good as my "security blanket". My father is the the man in the military print, so that way I have both! Which is why I'd probably pick polka (even though I don't like it much) for the sole reason that I look like a friggin' polka dot myself now! 

7. What colour, according to you, describes you the best?
Blue. It's the colour of my heart and bones and blood (cheeky?) No really!

8. How do you connect with the word "writer"?
I don't. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't associate with it just yet. I'd be glad if I ever did.

9. What's your favourite form of exercise?

Swimming. But I can't call it exercise and suck all the fun out of it! Ok so running. That's the only other thing I enjoy. I can't dance to save my life, so..

10. What would you want to tell all your blog readers? :) Go on, say write all you want! :)

Lol I blabber without being asked to anyway.. So for now, I'd probably just say thanks for sticking up for me and rooting for me when I chose not to be there for Makeup Monologues, and If you haven't already laughed 25 times today, go ahead and do it now! You'll find a reason when you start. Go on.

* Unless there's a really hot guy on that team or I get really bored on that island after 48 years or something, whatever comes first. Yes, I pride myself in being quite self sufficient.

So getting back to the whole "Liebster means dearest" thing, If you're a reader of Makeup Monologues, I give you this award whoever you are! Blog or no blog, 300 or 0 followers! I'd like to read your answers to the same questions I answered above, so post it if you have a blog and leave a link or leave it in the comments section! I'd be more than glad to read them all! Thank you so much for reading this and for all the mails and messages, for being kind and being there! Mwwah!

Thank you Dhriti for this award and tag! I know I haven't followed the rules in the right order, I hope you don't mind because I had fun doing it. And felt mighty important answering the questionnaire  lol


  1. That was an interesting read Ikya.. Loved reading it :) And.. Thanks for the Fotd.. it looks so good on you.. not too bright :)

    1. haha thank youu!! It actually looks brighted in person. But the stain is subdued which is how I wear it mostly. You must absolutely try it once, Pleaseee!

  2. Ikyaaaa!!! I loveeeddd reading your answers. Gosh, you made me laugh! :D (especially the polka dot and the I can't dance to save my life" thing... LOL LOL!! :P)
    *Okay, I'm still laughing! :P*

    And thanks for doing it!! :) :)
    and oh, the FOTD is gorgeous.. My first MAC pick is definitely going to be this! :D :D

    (PS:- :D it's Corals in a shell.. lol, not sea shell.. :D :D )

    1. lol I'm so sorry! updated! I wrote 'in the sea' then added shell and forgot to remove the sea.


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