Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diwali FOTD & Makeup Breakdown

As you all know, I wore absolutely no makeup on Diwali! This is the FOTD of the makeup I planned to wear on Diwali. 
Okay, it's time for me to "come out" and say it. I am a lazy, lazy person who believes in doing very very easy makeup and spending as little time as possible getting ready!
So, wearing a bold/striking/bright lip with kohl rimmed eyes or a wash of colour all over my lid is the max I do! I have small, close set eyes and when I get busy with them, they more often than not, turn out bad. So I just stick to routine. 
Also thanks to the fact that I wasn't blogging for a very long time, I don't own much makeup. Which is why I'm actually using everything I own now and in more ways that I was supposed to. Because I'm not as comfortable with eye makeup, I stick to my beloved and trusted MAC Rubenesque Paintpot as an all over lid colour though I really want to check out the Maybelline eye tattoos now!

Break down (Click for reviews)


ignore the spider web lashes and uneen paintpot application and that pink/red dot near my eyebrow! I have no idea what that is!

The eye makeup is the simplest I've ever tried.
  1. I applied a wash of MAC Rubenesque Paintpot all over my lid. 
  2. Then I lined the outer 3rd (When I blended it out, it reached half of my lid) of my eye lid with the Maybelline gel eyeliner (I actually made dots to do it fast, because the whole thing sets too soon) and I used my ring finger to quickly blend my eyeliner with my paintpot. 
  3. Tightlined (filled the gaps in between my eyelashes).
  4. Lined my waterline (gradually making it thick in the outer corner and flicked it out slightly. refer picture 2).
  5. Mascara. 
  6. Tadaa!
For the lips, I added MAC Crosswires to liven my MAC Cosmo a little!
What did you wear on Diwali?


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