Thursday, December 13, 2012


Mansi is back with a tutorial on a gorgeous Pendant Lamp!

After many attempts to make a lamp for my living room that looks  a little more than a child craft attempt, I decided to make a simple paper lamp which needed to be  light but voluminous , not  too heavy to  hang by the bulb’s wire.
To begin with, This what you’ll need-
1.       Paper  ( at least 2 sheets of tracing sheet or butter paper or any kind of paper  that gives you 45 cm to 60 cm long strips )Translucency is Important.
2.       A paper disposable glass. Save the one after downing the coke from Mc.D
3.       Glue. FEVICOL.
4.       For a little warm colour in the lamp we can use an alternate coloured paper, I used strips of cloth I was left with from my last lamp.
5.       Wiring and bulb .25w is good enough for a subtle ambiance.

This lamp is a quick one, didn't take more than 2 hours for  me. Here are the steps of how to go about making this lamp-
Step 1. Cut a circle out of the bottom of the glass, taking measurements  from the bulb holder, for me it wasn't easy due to lack of right tools, I used my blunt kitchen knife for the task and ended up making, rather tearing not such a circle out of it. Also test if your bulb holder holds on the glass.
Step 2.  Basically, this paper glass ,works as our base for the lamp. Next we begin cutting strips of paper. I don’t think I gave much attention to the width of the strips, It doesn't really show much.
Step 3. Now we begin sticking the strips onto the glass, starting from bottom as the lamp hangs. As shown in the picture. Depending on your patience or time, you can vary the width of paper, the density of paper you wish to stick on the glass.
Step 4. After this, I had some pink cloth in hand (from her earlier lamp) which I cut in to tiny strips and stuck them too, A couple of these coloured layers will add a nice warmth  to the lamp.
Step 5. As u go higher up, it would be best to shorten the length of the strips . This will give a much denser appearance.
Step 6. Now the lamp is ready, all u need to do is get your bulb through and Light the LAMP.



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