Monday, December 10, 2012

My Week In Pictures

This was one of the longest weeks ever!! I sulked, moped, stayed annoyed, hated the world, forgot all about  "The Secret and The Power" and pretty much did nothing this entire week. Or so I thought!
Because it sure looks like I did a lot!
Warning: Picture heavy!
1. Brought summer back.

2. Stayed in bed one entire day watching TV, finished that tub of ice cream (and that's Grey's Anatomy on TV). Yes, I have a Bob The Builder bedspread. 
3. Saw some movie being shot. No idea which! 
4. Had a sizzler for dinner on Wednesday.
5. A choco chip muffin.
6. Baked my own cake.
7. Ate my cake!
8. Begged him to pose!
9. Witnessed bravery and amusement when the tiny guy kept barking at Zor, and Zor was amused + confused to see him! 
10.  Tried wearing mauve.
11. A smokey eye I did ages ago and re did this week, no pictures for this week though, so.
12. Swatched old eyeshadow quads and found love again!
13. Baked garlic and rosemary bread for the first time ever!
14. Ate my bread!
 15. Finally took a picture of this peacock, who visits us everyday! Mostly, with family!
16. I love my camera! It's an exceptionally brilliant regular point and shoot!
17. Finally got the puppies to come closer, so mum could feed them.
18. The not interested puppies.
19. The Don puppy!
20. He looks adorable sleeping on a piece of my 16 year old school sweater!
21. Another sleepy puppy
22. I want to eat him up! 
23. Remembered that I spotted a huge snake some months ago. And I found this picture, so I think the snake wanted to get popular, and now he did!

So, you're probably wondering how much I eat! I swear I had no idea I ate so much this week! lol, Anyway,  now that I put this up, I know that this week wasn't all bad. I think I should do this every week, so I consciously take more photos and have good times! BTW Today, was a long day and I was in bed by 8 pm because I was that tired! But I could't sleep so got out of bed to post these pictures! Now, I have no energy left to talk about today. Oh but 1 thing, I got myself a new hair drier! It's purple!! =) My old one was a purple Philips one too! How was your week?


  1. The blue eyeshadow looks amazing! And all the food :)

    1. I know, right?! Today I know what a glutton I am!!

  2. OMG you spotted such a huge snake???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. haha yeaa! It was hugee and fat(thick?) but the Friends of Snakes Society guys never showed up! Fat claims! I'm glad the snake got away or someone would have killed it!!

    2. I see all tiny tiny snakes around and I look down whenever and wherever I go for the next 1 week !!!

    3. Haha I feel like I live in a jungle! A baby cobra entered our house from the kitchen door in July and that was scary! Bahar it's so regular, I'm used to it! :P

  3. Me drooling over the cake and garlic-rosemary bread! Yum yum...

    1. Haha I'm considering joining yoga classes again!

  4. You should totally do this every week, I loved it!! You had a pretty awesome week darling, the pups and peacocks are enuf to make anyone smile :)
    Whatever the annoyance was, Im sure the icecream, cake and bread washed it away :))

    1. Haha I know right? I only knew it after I looked at the pictures!! It was pre and post MS last week!! But then it's so much nicer now!! I ate so much!! It's not normal!!

  5. Nice pics! And nice blog!! :)
    Follow you from Spain!

    kisses from:

  6. The pups, ice cream, bread, cake....awesome! :) u must post the recipes sometime. And btw, someone I know is getting married and I recommended Sero's for her makeup! ( obv. After reading your post) will get back with how the trial session went. Tc.

    1. Haha I will if they taste okay someday! Ooh let me know, ok? A senior of mine's getting married and I asked her to visit sero's and she's mighty happy with the trial!


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