Friday, January 4, 2013

Smokey Eyes Tutorial - For Hooded, Close Set Eyes

Before you look at the rest of the pictures, I must warn you, the quality really sucks, and that's because yours truly is techno phobic and challenged! So to do it all on my on, while figuring stuff out, and making collages, I messed up the picture quality. I swear I need a tech guy. Or girl. Or youknowwhatimean. So okay, we'll all be nice to Ikya, who broke her back and hurt her hand while working on this tutorial. Yes, don't ask, please.
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Basically, these are the same things I used in the Daytime smokey eye tutorial, yesterday. If you have similar colours, it'll look more or less the same. Grab your stuff, Lets start!
  1.  Thickly line your eyes with a black pencil/ gel eyeliner, that sets and holds the rest of stuff that's going to be piled on to it, in place. Kajal might budge the slightest bit, so I don't use that. I used the Maybelline gel eyeliner for it.
  2. Blend it upward with your finger.Also outward, to the corner of your eye. There'll be more applied on top of this, so don't worry about being too neat.
  3. That's how it should look blended out. Mine looks sheerer than it actually is, in the photograph, The sunlight washed it out.
  4. With your ring finger, or index, apply a shimmery bronze, cream eye-shadow on your entire eyelid. While doing this, make sure you blend it well with the black base in the outer corner of your eye, while patting it (not blending) in the inner half of your eye.
  5. Pat some shimmery gold eye-shadow with your little finger in the inner corner of your eye. (Make sure it's not the same finger you used, to blend the black base with). I used MAC Rubenesque Paintpot).
  6. That's how it will look.
  7. To make it darker, pack some dark brown/ black colour on the outer corner of your eye and go over the eyelid, close to your eyelashes like you would apply eyeliner. And blend well. (explained in the second picture here).
  8. Line your eyes, as close to your eyelashes as you can and tightline your eyes.
  9. Line the lower lash line and apply kajal. I prefer the line to be thick outward and thin inside. I've used the Maybelline gel eyeliner for the entire thing.
 10. Take some bronze/ gold eye-shadow (I've used Maybelline bad to the bronze) on a Johnson's bud and apply it (drag it) from the inner corner till it meets the liner on the lower lash line. This helps in opening out the eyes.
11. In case  you find the dark shadow to be overpowering or need to correct any mistake or even freshen the makeup, Just pick up some of the shimmery bronze colour you started out with and go over the inner half of the eye lid.
12. Blend out and upward, into the crease so there aren't any harsh lines.
13. Apply few coats of your favourite mascara to finish the look.
14 &15 Done.


  1. Awesome Iks!! Really well explained.

  2. very well written ikya, i'll also try my hand at eye makeup now

    1. Do that, Roshini! And let me know how it goes. Thanks!!

  3. I love the colours you used! I really need to find a good kajal!

  4. Awesome Ikya, loved it ..will definitely try this, I have everything except Unflappable , will use Espresso ..

  5. Super cool EOTD Ikya! Would love to try this :)

  6. This is genius !!! Seriously, im going to try this. I suck at smokey eye !

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