Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vaseline Lip Balms - Good Or Bad

 Most of the time, I don't review products that are duds, because I'm too occupied with stuff I love. But that also means that I sometimes spot the worst products in my best friend's bag! I mean my own best friend! And then I get blamed for not telling her that it's rubbish before she bought it. So I decided that I'm going to post these mini reviews of products that don't work the way they are supposed to, at all!
Yes, yes, I know I keep saying what works for me might not for you, but some products wont work for anybody. Hell! They don't work. Period.
So no more wasting time, Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen the Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip balms.
Verdict- They're rubbish. Do not buy these!
I picked up three of these, all colourless, for lip pampering while I slept. Gave one to mum (who feels the same way about these as me, BTW). I used the cocoa and she used the aloe vera. These do nothing other than sit on the lips like wax. If only, my lips feel drier, after. I got called zombie by my brother, because I had grey lips after wearing a few coats of this (since the regular 2-3 coats did nothing). I really feel ripped off because the regular Vaseline jar does so much more and a medium sized tub retails for around 30 rupees! 
These are for Rs 109 and I'm kicking myself because I totally should have gotten the Nivea ones instead. In the photo below, I've obviously scraped a lot more than normal to picture the waxy product.
Vaseline makes other good products, if not great, but this one, surely disappointed me. No more lip balms from Vaseline! But I've heard the coloured ones are okay. What do you think?
Moral of the story-It doesn't matter how it smells or how it looks if it fails to do what it's essentially supposed to!


  1. Haha it's great that you're doing such a post.. Helps in knowing what not to buy :D
    I've heard this does absolutely nothing too so luckily didn't make the mistake of purchasing it. Phew!

  2. Thankfully haven't tried Vaseline lip balms yet. My faves are TBS born lippy (so glad they come in tubes too now) and L'Occitane lip balms.

    1. Never tried L'Occitane! But I'm not a fan of TBS born lippy! Quite dry my lips are!

    2. Then try l'Occitane 100% pure Shea's great for dry lips, cuticles, elbows etc. Their lip balms are good too. Sometimes I feel they should pay me for endorsing their But honestly, they have nice stuff.

  3. I've only got it in a tin but I tend to go for more nourishing lip blams like the nuxe one

  4. I so agree with you ! These don't work --__-- I used to like them when they came out 1-2 Years back but they changed the formula or some crap like that and now its just bag !
    xoxo <3

  5. this seems really disappointing.. i love the colored ones
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