Friday, January 4, 2013

How To: Wear Ombre Lips

You see a new trend pop up and it's all over the place! Clothes, Underwear, Curtains, Soaps, Cushion Covers, and even eye shadow pots! But most of us don't bother implementing those trends! I'm a past of us, yes! I discovered Ombre lips accidentally when I ate (I don't want to use the other word) an orange icecream from it's stick, while I wore a pink lipstick. When I saw it, it did look strange, but funky, you see how I don't use the word funky ever? yeah, I don't do funky. But there was something cute about it. Long story short, I wanted to try it.

 The second one (MAC Ruby Woo & MAC So Chaud), I do it a lot in reality. I've worn it here. I'm also liking the last one (Red and Pink) a lot.
Do you think this is absolutely crazy but would like to try it out still?
What did you like from the above? Some of these are quite wearable, especially when used 2 shades of the same colour/ colour family! No?
Which 2 lipsticks would you pair or can think of right now, to pair for the same effect?

ps Thanks, Grinchu! :*
pps Don't you think the red in the center looks like paan lips? :S I'm never doing that again!


  1. Paan lips... :LOL LOL
    but I liked all of them Ikki

    Btw, how did you create this grid thingy? help!

  2. I absolutely loved nude n coral....pretty definitely gonna try it ;)
    Awesome pics Ikya....very neat :)

  3. Nude and Coral one looks so good! Will try it out tomorrow :D

    1. Eyy, no! That's too safe! My nude almost got mixed with the coral. :/

  4. Awesome! I so want to try out the pink and orange thing. :)

  5. This is fabulous! And what I love most is that u didn't do just one ombre lip...u went thru the effort of coming up with so many lovely combinations! Impassioned + Vegas Volt + So Chaud is my fave looks like the perfect ombre lip. :)

    1. Ay, thank you! It just got fun after 2 trials! :P I like it best in the photos too! But ruby woo and impassioned has to be my favorite because it's the prettiest in reality!

  6. I really like this! I'm going to try Ruby Woo with Impassioned!


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