Monday, February 25, 2013

MAC Neon Orange Review, Swatches, FOTD & Dupe

Guest Post by Prerana.
Ever since the mad craze over coral lipsticks, my hunt for THE perfect orange lipstick has been on. After a notable amount of unsuccessful orange-lipstick-hunting sprees and SAs trying to sell pink lipsticks to me saying "Madam, this IS orange. It just looks different in the packing. Try it on", i walked into a MAC store. Their Morange was not in stock so i tried the Neon Orange (Supposedly, there wasn't much difference between the two). Frankly, it looked too bright and made me feel i could not carry it off too well. So i decided to come back to try Morange. Since Morange continued to stay out of stock for a really long time, i bought Neon Orange in spite of not being satisfied on how it looked on me.

On trying it at home, i realised that it was nothing but pure awesome-ness. In spite of directly applying the lipstick without a generous coat of lipbalm, it was pretty smooth and really moisturising to the extent of me doing my happy dance over it. It did not make my lips feel dry or chapped for a really long time. Also, the colour lasted a good couple of hours and it left a very pretty stain afterward! I couldn't have been more in love with a lipstick. 
I have absolutely nothing but praises for Neon Orange. There are a few Orange lipsticks from brands such as Maybelline and Olay (yes, Olay has lipcolours but they aren't easy to find) but Neon Orange would be my favourite of them all because it lasts long and none of the other Orange lipstick leave a tint behind.

If you too are as crazy about Orange lipsticks as I am, Neon Orange is the one for you.


The picture above has swatches of the Olay Lipstick which Pre swears is a dupe for MAC Neon Orange.


  1. noe this is a pretty orange. I love this color

  2. gorgeous color ! I can totally understand why you "happy danced" over it :D

  3. Wow...looks so good on you Prerana. If I wore it, hubby would think my lips have decided to masquerade as a traffic

    1. Thank you. :) It isn't as bright as the traffic signal light, really. :P

  4. this looks so gorgeous I really want this now

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  5. Where i can buy MAC products in India? Please reply

    1. In select cities where MAC stores are. here-


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