Tuesday, February 26, 2013

25 Things

So I said I'll start posting soon. I din't. Honestly, other than being busy, I wasn't really inspired enough. I dint want to do just another review and even when I though I would,  I was getting bummed because the new pictures I've been tying to click of products weren't showing the exact true colours and Aarrgh So I decided I'll just write down 25 random, very true things about me. That you may, or may not know. Yes, because talking about myself is obviously going to get me inspired and make me churn out more posts now on!
Why 25? I like the number. 5 would be less and 100 would make my fingers hurt. That's why!

  1. My first ever favourite colour combination in the whole world was green and pink. It secretly was my favourite colour combination after I quit being 5 until last year. I'm very open about it now. Ya.
  2. It constantly irks me that words like neighbour/ colour/ favour are changed to neighbor/color/favor in MS Office and even here.
  3. At any given point of time, I'll have a bruise/ hurt to show you.
  4. I like Cerelac. But my mum thinks it disgusting. And so did a lot of friends, who, btw are hooked on to it now! It's mind blowing! Try the apple wheat flavour.
  5. I dislike cinnamon. A pinch in chocolate based deserts is fine. But a piece in something non- desert-y makes me gag. I loathe raisins in food too. Just by themselves, or with cashews/ almonds, they're great but.

6.      I can't remember the last time I wore a neutral lipstick in public! It's versions of red everywhere nowadays.  
7.   I've always had this doubt if Johnny was actually eating sugar from the nursery rhyme 'Johnny,      Johnny yes papa' or was his dad accusing him for nothing?

8.   I seldom practice what I preach. And I preach A LOT.

9.   I'm not shy when you meet me first. I calm down and keep quiet only when I'm actually comfortable around you. But till I do, I am hyper, random and I creepily smile a lot.

10. I am slightly obsessive compulsive. Ok, a little more than slightly.

11. I have my own crazy superstitions and they freak me out a lot.

12. I don't like trying out new food. I stick to what I know and like. It ensures a decent meal always.  Though I have my very strange combinations I like that people don't seem to get.

13. I am a worrier. I am a thinker. I over think. I worry constantly. I live in distractions.

14. I love the number 5 and its multiples. I dislike 4 and its multiples.

15. I pray everyday.

16. Growing up, I've had more male friends than female. Actually I have 1 constant (female) best friend from school, that's big, considering we were together for only 2 years, classmates and neighbours in Bathinda. And we kept in touch writing letters and sending cards. But today, I have more female friends than male. It's just this year, I think.
That's her (red t shirt) and me from when I went to Pune to visit her some years ago. There was just us living in that mess. That explains our night clothes and slippers!
17. I'm never satisfied with how my shoe laces are tied. I've always been like this. I can't even tie my own shoelaces and that frustrates me. My dad or my brother get to tie my shoelaces everyday.

18. Other than being kind, the one quality that impresses me is loyalty. I like people who stand up for their people, even if they're standing up to me, I appreciate the quality. I am extremely loyal to my people. I could be a dog. Also, I don't like people who don't like animals. There's just something off about them.

19. I could be a dog because I sniff everything. I smell my food. I smell my bed sheets, I would even smell something I know stinks like old socks. But I can't help control the urge to smell things and secretly, people and other beings!

20. I get distracted very easily.

21. I cant confront people. I never do, so I could have the hugest problem with you now, and you'll never know! What are you frowning about? Your life's good! 

22. I like watching Disney movies. I love Pocahontas till almost the end. I wish it had a happy ending! My favourite fairy tale of all time is Rapunzel though.

23. I sing a lot when I'm alone. But I'm told (and I remember the non obnoxious bits of it) I sang 'nani teri morni' as a 1 and a half year old on a stage that was built on the swimming pool in our mess in B'lore. My mum swears she though I'd go straight and dive in, because I've always been obsessed with swimming pools!

24. I'm not a fan of piercings. I have the basic earlobe piercings, and I never really wear earrings. Actually, right now, I have no accessory on. No rings, nothing. [Refer Picture 1!]

25. I pick at my skin a lot. In the last year, it's given me a lot of marks on my face. But I keep picking.   I'm weirdly gross like that.
Mine is the sharp angled tip. Pretty accurate, I must say! Image source


  1. Loved reading this. Far, far more interesting than any review (though ur stories are equally interesting too).
    * Change the language setting to English UK from English USA and neighbour won't become neighbor.
    * love the green pink combo on ur blog's links.
    *me worrier and thinker too...hubby says having nothing to worry about worries me(get that frm my mom)
    *hate piercings too, except earlobes. Except for earrings I hv no jewellery on whn I'm at home which used to irk mom in law so much coz married women shudnt hv empty neck, wrists n fingers.

    Hmmmm....Maybe I should do a post like this too ;)

    1. :/ Yes and and I am technologically challenged!
      You should, you should! I'mma do this once a week again! Used to earlier!

    2. Kinda difficult to think up 25 things about oneself. And once i get started, kinda difficult to keep it restricted to 25 me thinks ;)

    3. haha I know what you mean! do 100!

  2. Haha, loved this post!

    Can't believe you don't like cinammon! I love it on my chai latte! I dust a little into my coffee. This may make you gag... However I like to chew on the sticks too, ha!

    I've not worn neutral lips in like FOREVER. It's either bright red, deep red, corals, pinks, haha.

    1. Hi Halima!! Glad you liked it! Eww the bark!
      I know right, Once you do brights, neutrals just take a backseat!

  3. Nice to know so much about you dear :)

  4. I love cerelac too and have it every now n then for breakfast :D oh n love love disney movies!!!

    1. You do!! haha It's great to know I'm not alone!!

  5. Loved reading abt you Ikki :) at a given time even I have 2 or more bruises. hehehe

    1. I bet you din't know all of this! :D Ayya, we must bump into things less! :/

  6. Errrm, are you me?
    You could be, its so uncanny. Apart from the cinnamon and shoelaces bit. :-/
    You could be a Sagi though! Are ya?

    1. Hi youu! I could be! No? :D
      I'm a Taurean, and I've heard Taureans and Sagittarians aren't really supposed to get along and all that, but I feel we're veryyyyyy similar in different ways! You know what I mean?


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