Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Blogging!

Who doesn't love juicy gossip? Especially sprinkled with a lot of ranting and name calling? Everybody! Correct answer!

Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic (Your cue to laugh! I am hilarious, I know!), I'm talking about the really ugly shots that one takes before getting the final pictures for any particular FOTD! Well, at least I do!
  1. The shot by a family member- When I finally found an angle I wanted to shoot from and asked my brother to shoot from there, he decided to make jokes. I'm so glad you can't see the rest of me!
  2. The awkward moment- Decided to take matters into my own hands (with a self timer) and that was the awkward moment where I was deciding if I should smile or not.
  3. The not a duck/ Fish face- Just wanted to see how I looked with cheekbones showing more prominently! 
  4. The 'WaitI'mNotInTheFrameYet!'- Self explanatory.
That is all.Oh and a MAC blush review and/or a FOTD coming up today! So "stay tuned!


  1. I want more of this! Do bring in more edition of behind the scenes <3

  2. This is not ugly truth...this is funny, hilarious truth ;)

  3. Thuuuu cheater! I was all geared up for some ugliness, instead all you fed me were some cutesy picutres!! Shame on you :P

  4. lol...funny indeed..but not all of us have the guts to put up these behind-the-scenes pics on the blog... kudos! :)

  5. Replies
    1. haha FINALLY someone agrees! How be you Pooja?

  6. :P Hehehehe....I totally agree :D

  7. I was curious about the post when I saw the title on FB...I lik your quirkiness!

  8. Hahahaha!!! awesome post and it is so true! I think we all click millions of pictures for that perfect one to post on the blogs and most of them are really hillarious ones! :)

    Would love to see more behind the scenes ones from you. :)

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)


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