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MAC Swimming Eyeshadow - Review and Swatches

MAC Eyeshadow Swimming review
 You know how I literally cry about wanting to swim? And if you follow me on twitter, you must know that I've been going on and on about it since Jan because Hyd/ Sec'bad don't have winters! But I haven't really gotten to it yet. Yes. So when today I was losing my mind over it, the part that wasn't lost reminded me of my first purchase from MAC when I was pretty much a teenager and was obsessed with green eye shadow!
MAC describes Swimming as a Hi-Shine Sea Green. It's a lustre formula. It does look like fresh algae to me. But gorgeous algae. The one with pretty gold shimmer in it.
It's not a bright green, but is a slightly muted grey green.
MAC Eyeshadow Swimming
 I have done a ton of disastrous looks with this in the past few years and I hope I come up with something I love! I'll try this over the weekend or whenever I get free next and come up with something!
Picture taken in sunlight. Because I think it's pretty.
MAC Swimming Eyeshadow
It isn't the softest eye shadow to work with so honestly, I never saw why people went mad over MAC for eye shadows because this was my first MAC purchase/eye shadow. Isn't the best eye shadow in terms of pigmentation, so I've had to rub and almost scrape it to get it as intense as it looks  up there. But that might work to it's advantage because it's not the easiest colour to wear, and the Pantone colour of the year is Emerald green. So a much poorer, less intense cousin wouldn't be too difficult to wear this year!
Has quite a bit of fallout. And has chunky glitter. So when you rub your finger on it in the pan, you actually feel the abrasiveness of the glitter.

But I can't complain. That was exactly what I wanted when I bought it. I was so happy to spot it and I wore it all over my really tiny eyelids minus any primer or anything almost every time I went out with my friends.. err after sunset! Thankfully my tiny eyelids din't show much and my friends dint care at all. Not that they would've known the  difference between this and anything else back then anyway! My best friend wore purple eyeshadow ok. And blue. And I wore this. It was all cool back then!

Price- Rs 900

You would want it if-

  1. You love green.
  2. You want to try green on your eyes that isn't crazy, intense. This is muted and wearable.
  3. You don't mind the shimmer.


  1. pretty green shade but I cringe at that price tag lol. I just recently fell in love with eye shadows and some how find INGLOT eye shadows much more better in budget and quality wise as well rather then MAC.

    1. Can you believe that I haven't tried anything Inglot yet? No store here and I refse to shop online! :/

  2. It's quite a difficult shade to carry off....I can't see myself wearing this. Waiting for your EOTD with this colour, maybe i'll get inspired ;)

    1. haha I think you're asking to be really disappointed!

  3. OMG I just bought it! like right now and now am seeing your review for it... Doesn't it literally scream SUMMER! :D

    1. haha great minds! We're always buying the same things! Oh btw, I tried Lickable yesterday but kept looking for that shimmer in it and then dint end up buying it! :/

  4. i remember when i was mac obsessed, i really, really wanted this shade. Now after reading your post, I want it again :P

    1. hahah at least you will put it to good use if you get it!


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