Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Mean Girl World

Remember how Cady said in Mean Girls that there are 2 worlds- the girl world and something else that doesn't matter considering the Post is titled The Mean Girl World.?
Ok, scrap that. Let's start from the beginning.
I've always thought of myself as a girl's girl. You know, the one that's a part of a sisterhood. The one that understands and looks out for the other girls, the one who is super protective of her friends and all that.. you know?
But I think I confused it with just being like that as a person. See, before the erm beginning, I wasn't a girl's girl exactly growing up. I had more male friends all my life and female friends in single digit number(S) that more or less stayed the same even though some names changed here and there over the period of time.
But lately, I am comfortable bring around women and definitely have more female friends than male. Even though my best-est ones might still be a male or 2. But the ones I actually talk to on a regular basis are female. Ok so that's sorted.

Now, about the juicy part of the story. Is there actually a "girl world" like Cady described? Where something is said and something else is done. Where there's a hidden agenda. Where your smile and your body language is scrutinized and actually discussed. Where it's so friggin'  scary because you start worrying that people would actually decipher a lot more and beyond your words and actions and invent creepy agendas that you're supposedly hiding?
Where I'll have to start planning revenge on all those females that have wronged me? And make it my life's sole ambition?

I hope not. But I've started to strangely feel it around me lately. Where we aren't supposed to believe what another person is saying. You know what my problem is? That people might look for hidden agendas behind my words, and try to decipher those behind my back. But again why should it bother me? Because isn't there a chance that some people who might misunderstand you might have some power over you somehow? Like seniors, bosses or the more dramatic ones- your mum's best friend's perfect little goody two shoes teenage daughter who's actually a scheming, scary, thin, tall woman with black and white hair who wants to make coats out of baby dalmatians!

I don't know if it's a Taurus thing or a stupid thing or a naive thing, but I've always believed people on what they said or behaved like in front of me. And after school (Now, there are mean girls at school ok? Viscous, creepy mean girls) I've been blessed to meet and know people who are pretty much themselves all the time. They, like me, tend to show their extreme fondness>like>dislike towards you. Wait! Or is it just a lazy thing?
This whole dual behaviour must be really exhausting! No? I mean thinking about it makes me want to throw my hands up in the air, shake them vigorously while running and screaming my lungs out like a sophisticated lady who's temporarily losing it.
I just assumed that people grow up after school and everyone becomes normal. Normal adults. Like it was a good thing. But have I been wrong all my grown up life?

Do people actually have the time, energy and patience to do and think and believe and act upon all of this? Have you faced this? At your workplace or school or anywhere in general? How do you deal with it?

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  1. I think we all face this at least once in our life ! I basically do not give much thought and time to this as we have more important things to do in life, so just push the thoughts aside, ignore them totally if that will make you feel better and go on .

  2. I guess its better not thinking about it. Atleast thats what I do.

  3. Yes there r def such gurls....they pretend to b ur best friends n then back stab u in the worst way possible. N thrs actually notjing much u can do....u cant stop trusting ppl can u??

  4. Hhahahahahahah
    "I mean thinking about it makes me want to throw my hands up in the air, shake them vigorously while running and screaming my lungs out like a sophisticated lady who's temporarily losing it."

    Nice xD xD

  5. oh gosh, ikku - i don't think its worth it in the end. people are mean, competitive, jealous and scheming. At the end of the day they are living their lives and you yours - so don't stress over others. Just don't stoop to their level because karma is a bigger .... and time changes and people pay their dues in time ;) xxooo bless you.


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