Thursday, May 30, 2013

L'oreal Paris L'Or Sunset Color Riche Le Vernis Glitter Nail Polish (Cannes 2013 special) Riviere Amethyst, Bronze Parure

So ya, I've been bit by the glitter nailpolish bug! I'm no nail art expert, so a teeny tiny bit of glitter takes my manicure from regular girl jogging in front of my house to helloooo Kim Kardashain! Lol ok, I've only watched Keeping up with the Kardashians till she married Humphries. And only remember her sporting French Manicures & deep wine & berry colours so I really don't know why thee remind me of her! Oh wait- These are over the top! THAT!

Don't get me wrong now. I really like Kim Kardashian like I like these polishes but subtle is nobody's middle name here, ok!
 Left Riviere Amethyst, Right- Bronze Parure
 Single coat
  Riviere Amethyst It has a black base. Gold glitter and copper flecks (softly hexagonal!)
How great does it look in the bottle?! I love it on my nails as well! Cant wait to paint my nails this colour ebtirely! (I'm wearing 4 different glitter colours on my nail right now, testing their longevity).
  Bronze Parure is basically steel grey glitter + gold hexagonal flecks (that are more prominent than the copper ones in the nail polish above).
This is definitely the more wearable one, in my opinion, though I really like Riviere Amethyst more.
I love the look of these nail varnishes! The bottles are jewel like but the backaging is no less. Super luxurious looking! I really like the brush these polishes come with. It literally fans out and spreads the polish and alll the glittery chunky stuff on my nails well. Formula wise, it is very workable. Not gloopy adn thick like I expected it to be.
The black base in Riviere Amethyst is sheer enough for the gold to show from underneath (in 2 coats). Plu it does get completely opaque in 2 coats like you can see in the picture above!

The Bronze Paruere has no problem showing all of it's glitter, thanks to the clear (transparent) base.
I really liked the fact that all the polish that got stuck to the skin & cuticles around my nails came off on its own as soon as it dried. It dried really quick too!

Price Rs 235 each.

It's a limited edition collection featuring 6 nailpolishes. 4 glitter out of 6. There was a copper that just looked like an ott Indian bridal makeup from the early 90s gone bad! & another Black based one that looked great in the bottle but the black there, looked really opaque. So 2 coats of it (which is needed) would just cover up the gold glitter beneath. Epic fail! The other 2 looked meh so I din't bother with those.

Available online on, and some other online stores.  Choose your pick!

Compared to the Sally Hansen glitter polish I own (Strobe Light) & The Rimmel Disco Lights, the glitter in these are really close together and hard. So when it hangs by the tip of the nails, it can easily scratch! Those with babies and pets at home might want to caution care here! These can be hazardous! Also, I've heard that they are a pain to remove, but then that's a commintment you need to make to glitter polishes! lol. Just visually, in my opinion, they are stunning!



  1. Wonderful nail swatches. Nice clicks!

  2. these look pretty :)
    im in a major glitter phase! i really want to try the copper one from these but somehow the finish of this range dsnt appeal to me, im loving the sally hansen ones :D

    1. I know right, I was smitten as soon as I saw these! I like the Sally Hansen ones too but I like that these turn opaque in just 2 coats! Even 2 coats of the Sally Hansen strobe lights looks like a top coat compared to these!

    2. yes strobe light is well... a little light :P but try rockstar pink ! its gorgeous n goes mostly opaque in 2 coats:)
      n after ur review i guess i will try these loreal ones too, ek try to banta hai i guess!

    3. haha I like the black one more personally! Ooh but I love strobe light too! And now, I want rockstar pink though I never really wanted it earlier! :P

    4. ill surely get one asap :P
      and ill review the rockstar pink one next week , do visit :P its very pretty :)

    5. Yes, please!! Do leave a link here whenever you do! I'm always lost to get to your blog!

  3. Love the super macro shots of your nails. These really look very pretty but yes, removing glitters is a real PAIN! I haven't even used any of the glitters in my Sephora set that I got months ago.....

    1. Thank you Dollie!!! :D The pain is well worth it!!! bring them out!

  4. L'or Sunset collection nail lacquers are to die for :) - I have brought 4 shades from this range. Lovely Pix and Awesome NOTD's :)

  5. Hi!!!! I really loved all shades from this collection..But got only 3 from them- Copper cuff,l'or amethyst and Flaming sunset... I will surely got these too..

    1. Hope you like these too! :)But I really don't like these start chipping from the next day onwards minus any top coat! :/

    2. Ya.. Lots complain of chipping, me too.. But colors are lovely ,wish it could stay longer...


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