Friday, May 31, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss Glisten Up Pink - Review, Swatches FOTD

Now that everyone and their mothers are talking about these glosses, and that I replied to 5 people asking if these are any good, I decided I might as well talk about these here!

 There are very few things in life I really pat my back over. Ordering 2 of these glosses in colours I may like even though I knew I was being sent something by pr was a good idea. You must remember seeing them here. So here goes-
 The colour is a frosty, light, very light pink (that is gorgeous, to be honest) with a ton of very tiny (extra) silver shimmer in it. While I really don't mind the shimmer in my glosses, the one big problem I have with the colour is that it totally washes me out.

On my medium Indian skintone (NC 42), one swipe of this (which is fairly opaque for a gloss) looks almost silver. 2 coats and it does look bearable (in person) but in photographs, it looks outright hideous!

Texture & longevity wise, I loved the gloss. It looks slightly thick and forms soft peaks like whipped cream but is super light.. well.. like whipped cream! It's not sticky. Sits very comfortably for a good 3 hours on my lips. One swipe is enough to impart colour and I'm so glad I have 2 pretty colours on the way! Cant wait to try those out and review them!

It has an angled applicator as opposed to the doe foot applicator the older colour sensationals came with. While I do like the doe foot applicator more, for this formula, I agree with the current design. The angled tip (and all this is my theory btw) when pulled out of the tube, leaves excess gloss behind. (Almost like wipes of excess in the neck of the lipgloss tube). But I do find the angled tip a little thin and it doesn't cover my medium sized lips properly so I have to go over, here and there and leaves my gloss looking streaky for like 2 minutes before it settles into perfection!
My favourite gloss applicators are the L'oreal ones. (in the heart shape, and angled) I like that better than the doe foot applicators too!

Price Rs 350 for 5 ml.

These are great budget lipglosses. The formula is good, the packaging is pretty and they come in 8 shades, with something for everyone! Check them here
While I won't recommend this particular shade to everyone, and it's definitely not for me, I think it would look great on really fair skintones. (Till say NC 25. Maybe even 30), the other shades from this range are really worth checking out! Reviews of the other 2 coming up soon!

PS: Product provided by PR for review.


  1. This shade looks very Nicki Minaj on you. :D In a good way!

    1. haha but it honestly doesn't look as bad in reality. I'm still not a fan of the colour though!

  2. This colour's lookin nice on u....doesnt wash u out.


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