Friday, May 17, 2013

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel - Jaded- Review, Swatches

I was talking to 2 friends* of mine the other day, and one of them asked me about my favourite shows! I said Friends, PLL, (90210 & VD in the past) I said Castle. You know, those were at the top off my mind. Now this other friend said What about Modern Family and Big Bang Theory? I said what about them? He said- Please! You cant live without watching those. You assaulted me with a chair and threatened to delete all my recordings if I touched your BBT & Modern Family series recording!
That got me thinking.. These are shows I love, but just because I watch them everyday I don't make a big deal out of them, of loving them and stuff! The same way, it didn't strike me that I love Revlon for nailpolishes till I sat doen to write this review and realised that the only other nailpolish reviews on my blog are from Revlon too!
Now when I say loved, I mean most used (like most watched).
 Jaded is a gorgeous pale, milky (greenish) mint colour that does go opaque in 2 coats & dries to a semi matte finish. The formula (during my first time wear) seemed great. Not too thick/ gloopy neither too thin. I did get colour on to my nails in the first coat, but that went streaky. The second coat was opaque buy streaky at places too (Ugh how long am I to wait in between coats?!) The third coat make it smooth and opaque.

Also, I normally buy nailpolishes at stores, in person (and I suggest that you do too), because I'm very finicky about the brush and stuff, but I ordered this off of BIG mistake. The brush here was horrible! That was what made the polish streaky I'm sure.
 But all that being said, my main issue with this is that it definitely isn't a fast drying nail polish! Because after 3 coats (with ample time in-between coats (more than what I give nail polishes, normally)), it smudged and smeared over everything. Here, it started to feel gloopy. I couldn't use my phone/ change clothes/ hold a glass without messing it up for half an hour! And that is where it failed me.
But once it set, it stayed on longer than I expected it to. By the 4th day of wear did I notice some wear (picture below). By day 4, I also noticed that the nail polish (on my nails) had started to come together forming wrinkles on my nails. Did I apply too many coats? I don't know. It was just too disgusting looking to me on day 4 which is when I removed it.
I just had to put this picture up now! Don't freak out!
Excuse the condition. I'm a nervous nailpolish chipper!

Price Rs 220 for 8ml
Rating 2.5/5
I think I might repurchase this, even though I believe life's too short to repeat nailpolish, I love the colour. I wanted mint so badly, I got this, and I'm not obsessed any more!

*one was a family friend, the other is my brother (the one who lied I assaulted and threatened!) You know me. I don't do such things! 



  1. That's a beautiful Pic Ikya....I agree The fast dry's are not really great with their quality but the shades are really pretty! Loved the color...

  2. The shade looks so pretty on your hands! Quite a few Revlons are streaky.. God I hate waiting for an hour doing absolutely nothing but wait for my nails to dry! Arghh the torture for making fingers look pretty!!

  3. pretty nails :D. I find revlon nail enamel's formula too gooey for my liking.

  4. The shade is very pretty and nice pics BTW..... I also just love BIG BANG THEORY, MODERN FAMILY and also GREY'S ANATOMY, PACKED TO THE RATERS(oh unending list....) anyways, lovely article

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  6. The shade looks so pretty on you. Love the way you've photographed it.
    I have a light jade green polish in the Sephora set that I've never tried coz I feel it won't look good on me. And for some reason, I shun blue,green and yellow polishes. I think I'll try it out.

  7. The coulor suits you really well. You have very pretty nails,
    xoxo Nika

  8. the color is so pretty i just hate its too thin, thnx for the amazing review, chek out my review if you have sometime , Good luck!~^_^

  9. 2.5 stars ?

    I will search for some other brand ka ye color to try !

    Love your ring btw !

  10. I love mints too. Have you tried Sally Hansen Xtreme - Mint Sorbet?

    On Revlon Fast drying, my experience is they chip off easily


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