Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters #2

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Dear Amitabh Bachchan, Why would you agree to wear that sequin tuxedo full of bling to the Great Gatsby screening at Cannes? I bet you're not very happy about not putting your foot down, instead of in your mouth, now. Are you? And not to forget the polka dotted bow-tie! *sarcastic slow clap*

Dear Summer, I told you to get easy, man! How long will you take? Don't make me yell at you!

Dear wardrobe, I know I promised to organise this week. I know I've been putting it off since last 2 weeks, but I just don't feel like it! But you're punishing me by crumpling all my new clothes no! Ok, tomorrow, pakka (surely)!

Dear Bharti, Thanks for the lovely present! I was about to buy it myself the very day it arrived! It was so thoughtful of you. Love it!!

Dear Me, (as a reminder), You almost forgot it's Friday, after fasting all day (even minus water) So proud of you, btw! But listen, don't be so distracted and start working on everything you've been meaning to work on now! Start with your room. Everything is fine and is only going to be better. Practise what you preach, lady!

Dear God, I need you to look out for everybody with extra attention and I need you to ease my mind. Please make everyone happy and let them be that way forever.


  1. your thanking me for amitabh bachchan? Your welcome...? LOL. Dude, he is bollywood and bollywood gotta stand out. If I saw him for the first time then I wouldn't forget cause of his blingy jacket and his wife aishwariya. Oh wait no, daughter in law, my bad. Feel too lazy to use backspace to edit that all out. And your welcome ikya and thank you for being a good blogger friend ^_^. Leonardo looks so young standing along side amitabh LOL.

    1. OMG maybe that's what he was trying to achieve! You're such a li'l genius!!

    2. plus, the whole theme of GREAT GATSBY *or not?* but he is not looking like a clown. Maybe more like dramatic and all. Now I do have complaints about that other bollywood actress who has been wearing the same hair style X_X

  2. Seems like he's not too happy with the sartorial choice either!
    Summer is to "dear" temper is directly proportionate to the heat and Please do me a favour and yell with all your might at it.
    My dear wardrobe needs organising too (and so do my boys wardrobes and book cupboards)...just awaiting the "shubh muhurat" (return of the elusive maid) to do it.

    1. Sorry, I meant summer is NOT dear!!!

    2. I feel you, sister! I'm being very lady like right now, but a degree higher, and I'll lose it! Our maid will just ruin everything and the male help.. err I'd be uncomfortable having him near my girl things! So it's all up to me now! Don't know what/ how to even start!


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