Friday, May 17, 2013

Sonam Kapoor In A Dolce&Gabbana At Cannes 2013 (The Juene & Jolie Premiere)

Did you notice that this is the first time I have put up a celebrity picture on my blog? See, I always stuck to makeup. No fashion business. I'm no pro, neither can I dissect her outfit and shoes like a lot of these amazing fashion bloggers do. So a lot of these PR info about whose wearing what in my inbox never even got opened.  But here, I love what I see and I had to put it up!! 

Here's Sonam Kapoor in a   Dolce&Gabbana Special Piece to the Juene & Jolie Premiere during the 66° Cannes film festival on May 16, 2013.
That's it. Not following the Cannes too well (ok, not true).

I like her makeup, her light, cement coloured nails. It's very safe, but I like how she's keeping it neutral without looking pale. And oh! that dress! 

The other thing I saw Sonam Kapoor wearing was a Anamika Khanna lace saree. I loved the edgy look there, complete with a strong winged eyeliner and the kundan nath and bare earlobes.
I'm just going to leave you to gape and talk about it.

PS: I really don't know what I feel about those shoes. I can't believe I don't have an opinion. I'm so blank. I might come back to it later!


  1. Though her dress reminds me of Little Bo Peep, I love how well she's carried it off! She looks stunning! I personally don't like those shoes but they match her outfit :D

    1. haha I saw something yesterday (that I obviously can't remember now) that totally reminded me of Little Bo Peep!


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