Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Toning And Firming Body Butter Review

 So things are just made to be together like some people are made for eachother. Like my dad and I. It's father's day tomorrowww!!! did you buy daddy a present? I did, it came in today! See, I'm not really known for my gift wrapping skills, like my papa isn't known for his gift unwrapping skills! He doesn't like to work with unwrapping it for more than 10 seconds and thankfully the way I wrap stuff, some breeze can unwrap it. (But this time, I've used up a full pink chamki tape roll! But that's not the point)
The same way, he wraps presents better than professional gift wrappers! And I don't mind working on unwrapping it at all! I don't mind working on anything as long as I get to see immediate results. I moisturise my skin for the same reason. I'm really dedicated and reasonable like that! Talking about moisturising-
 Bottega Di Lungavita isn't it difficult to pronounce? All I know right now is that it's a skincare company from Italy and they've entered the Indian market recently.
Packaging is a regular body butter tub with a plastic lid in between that I peeled off for good. (See that in the last picture).
Okay, so you see that yummy, gooey looking thing? You'd want to eat it if it didn't smell the way it does! It smells gorgeous in the most non edible thing way. I have an issue with it here. It does have a strong chemical like fragrance lurking behind the heavily scented butter that disturbed me initially but for the last few days, it's gone down and the (other gorgeous) fragrance is what I've been noticing on me hours after application! But that might be because I got used to it, not sure.
As a body butter, it's great. It's quite thick (especially now that it's getting slightly cooler) it's probably like butter at room temperature. Really soft and melts on my skin. Because it's slightly thick, it took some getting used to, to apply it on my dry-like the sahara-skin. I just dab it all over my arm and work it into my skin. It leaves my skin looking really nourished and healthy. Thankfully, it doesn't leave behind any greasy residue. I've used it for about 2 and a half weeks now and it's really made the skin on my arms (and elbows) quite soft and smooth. As far as the toning and firming claim is concerned, I din't believe it from the start. Then I realised maybe 4 days ago that it might have something to do with toning and firming my skin, not making me any thinner! (Ya, tubelight) and that it did. My skin feels like it finally has some elasticity, especially the skin on my elbow doesn't feel as wrinkled and dry (normally, it's chapped - so that's a huge improvement there). I use this once a day and other than the heavily chemical like smell lurking behind that really pretty, indescribable scent, there's nothing I dislike about this body butter. I'm liking it more now that it's getting colder.

Price: Rs 1699 (Available at for Rs 1529 right now here!)

A heavily scented body butter, that's worked on the elasticity and firmness of my skin. While the toning claim is what I'm  unsure about, it has really helped nourish, smooth out and firm my skin.

I'm looking at getting the one that claims to help with the elasticity of the skin next.
P.S: Product sent for review.


  1. WHY is it so expensive :(
    I'm addicted to anything that promises to smell good.

  2. Seems lovely and creamy....good for Winters but not gor Bombay monsoons

    1. When I first used it it was a lot warmer but it really did sink into my skin. Maybe my skin is too dry & hyd is not humid.. so!


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