Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday's Letters # 4

Well, a little late, but anyway!

Dear Aztech Prints, You're so gorgeous! I want to wear you all over me! I want you in a hat, on my eyes, on my dress, under my erm clothes and on my feet! OMG yes, most of all on my feet! Hint: Picture above!

Dear Online Shopping websites, I fell in love lust with you last month for the first time and like all hot, passionate romances, ours was ridiculously steamy. We got it on everywhere. Every spot at home, and even outside, sometimes. The thrill and the no-commitment bond added to how hot it was. But, I'm going back to the mall now! Mwah!

Dear spilt (in my) toenail, what have I done wrong tat you choose not to leave me ever? I've tried to grow you out over the last few months and everytime I feel there's a little bit left of you, you choose to split the rest of my toenail! You're not just outright hideous, but quite painful too. I hate your ugly butt face so get the hell out of my life!

Dear vacation, Why are you ending already? I don't feel rested enough. All I can think about now is work even though I have a week of you left! And that means the world to the common man! But me so sad. :'(

Dear people reading my blog, I really wanted to do a 'Dear Papa' here but after letter 2 above (to online shopping) and the general language I used in this post, I couldn't get myself to write anything to the daddy! Tomorrow definitely!
I'm having pizza tonight! yay. Oh and I love you all! Keep reading okay?


  1. aztec prints are awesome!! sply in skirts and shoes and jewellery and tops... (ok almost everything)

    and i looove leching at some of the online stores... guess my dad was right not letting me get a credit card.. wud've been bankrupt by now!!

    i'm jealous of your pizza, or rather u having pizza!!!

    1. Yes, yess he was right! I want that show! my size is always sold out everywhere!

    2. sold out is still better than "madam ur foot size ke shoes don't exist!"

      P.S. my favourite heel is in a size 34 (yes its a miracle that i found one and snatched it from the shopkeeper like he was stealing my baby) and one side still had 2 insoles!!

    3. Oohho story of my life! I'm bigfoot! Ogre woman! side 41-41. Larger, the better!

    4. see... this what makes us unique!
      unlike the standard shoe size commoners who find their size everywhere... huh!! :P

  2.'re the cutest, I love your Friday letters & aztec prints are the best!!!!

  3. I love aztec prints too <3

    Still searching for something nice with it in my town though *grumbles*

    I just started with online shopping too , mom keeps seeing me online and shakes her head ! Hahaha!


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