Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Nourishing Cream For Dry Skin Review

When people say things like "good things come in small packages", I really take offence, you know. As a big and a good thing myself, I know it's absolute bull*ht! Like the biiigg Bottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Firming & Toning Body butter I reviewed here? It's a really good thing! This tiny cream on the other hand, we'll just just see.. okay?

When I first used this face cream, I used a little too much, I feel. It took some time to finally get the right amount of the cream. Very little goes a long way here. It's really light and I doubted that t wouldn't do much for really dry skin like it claims to. But after using this, there wasn't a dry patch on my face. My mum who has really dry skin, used it and she loved it. So far so good.
Now, (especially initially) when I used a little too much product for my face and my neck, I felt that this cream left some residue behind on my face. I noticed it more when it was really hot and it'd make me sweat and that would make my face all slippery (like the cetaphil cleanser (the non foaming kind)! that's the best example I could think of!) So I started using it as a night cream. It moisturised really well again, but when I washed my face in the morning, I felt stuff coming off. That extra layer of residue. It has come down now that it's getting colder and because I use a little bit of it. But I can still feel it.
This extra layer sitting on my skin makes my hand glide over my skin (making it that smooth). The cream did combat the dry patches. It's not a night cream but I've been using it at night. But then again, like an ideal night cream does, it doesn't help minimise the pores on my face. Neither do I wake up glowing like a bulb was fit into my mouth the night before. But then it doesn't really promise any of that. My mom dint complain about the residual layer on her face and so maybe my skin isn't dry enough for the product. Lastly, like it's big brother, the body butter, it is heavily scented and it smells great again (different though)! I actually can smell it for a very long time after application. But sensitive noses might not like it as much. Neither would you if you don't like scented face products.

Price: Rs 1299 (Available at for Rs 1169 here).

A scented face cream that combats dry patches and moisturises skin well, but leaves a residue behind, especially when not used in the right amount. If you have really dry skin, you might like it if you get the hang of the amount of product you need to moisturise!

P.S: Product sent for review.


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