Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters #6


Dear Abhay, thank you so much for picking up my birthday present 2 months ago. That Mitali forgot to give me? You are by far the nicest best friend's boyfriend in the whole wide world! Including evvverybody IYKWIM!*

Dear bad case of OCD, I'm almost done with all my work for Monday, so relax. You're killing me! Oh also, shush!

Dear Pinterest, it's never happened before, But don't you think we've rekindled our romance? It was short and fun then and I'm just as obsessed with you now! I spent all evening looking at pretty pictures and making a mentally exhausting wishlist thanks to you. You might not be good for me, But there's this spark that can't be replicated, so hi bob!

Dear Sleep, you have something against me, no? Remember I waited for you to come to me? I pleaded, left my pride aside and begged even. I stayed up countless nights waiting for you to visit me like you promised but you dint show up once! I gave up on you and went about my life. So why do you want to force yourself back into my life now?! Like in the most inappropriate way that too! You and I are becoming like Carrie and Big and I think they're idiots!

Dear Monday, I'm so excited about you!! I've been looking forward to you for over a month now! I hope all those really important people I finally meet after the really long wait like what they see! Now just because I'm probably the only person to have ever told you she's been looking forward to you and likes you, be really nice to me!


  1. These are so cute!
    Love this jewellery!
    New post at my blog
    Take care!

  2. Sleepless zombie - check
    Pinterest and immense mental list of DIY - check
    OCD - double check

    all i need now is a cool best friend's boyfriend and a birthday!

    i love your blog! and you! and sorry to be such a blog-stalker!

    1. You're apologising for the the nicest thing I heard today?! I love you back!!


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