Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To : Fake Big Lashes In 1 Minute!

Everybody says that I look like my dad. I've always been a proud papa's girl and all of that but I just wish I had my mum's eyes! You know the typically beautiful big doe eyes and thick eyelashes and dark eyebrows that she chose to give my brother instead of me. But thankfully, she showed me a trick to make my lashes look like here! And it literally takes a minute to do both my eyes!
As you can see in the first picture, there's an evident difference between both my eyes.

Thankfully for YOU I'm someone who hates using 7 different products to do that one tiny thing. So here I'm using 1 product, I took 1 minute for both my eyes and you're welcome!

All you need to do is try it out with a few different things and stick to what you find most comfortable.
I use the maybelline gel eyeliner and its brush for it. You could alternatively use a pencil eyeliner that you trust wouldn't smudge. My nani would do it using the end (the smooth blunt, fat part) of a bobby pin with kajal. But kajal would really smudge badly so I don't suggest you use that. For a smudged look, you could even use a cotton bud/swab to apply gel eyeliner. Do not use liquid eyeliner here. This part is quite inside the eye! The Maybelline gel eyeliner doesn't really irritate my eye, but does get quite dry after a while. I've heard from many people that it irritated their eyes when used inside/ on the waterline so please find something that suits you.

All you need to do is take some product on the brush or soften the tip of the pencil eyeliner you decide to use, and place it in the outer corner
1. Bare eyelashes. No mascara, no liner. (Just some eyeshadow and concealer).
2. Starting at the outer corner, I like to almost shut my eye (so the brush is touching the upper part of the inside of my eye and not the lower part (my waterline) and drag the brush into the inner corner of my eye.

See the gap in the left eye? The right eye looks more opened up and the lashes look much fuller with only liner on both eyes!

Alternative methods and tips-

  • Make sure you don't poke your eye or your eye will look like mine (see that redness? It's not easy to do and click pictures at the same time!)
  • Make sure the pencil you use is soft and smooth (no pokey wood/ liner particles that hurt your eye)
  • When I say gently drag, it could also mean gently slide.
  • MOST importantly, when you're applying liner to the inner to your upper waterline, you gently fill the gaps in-between your lashes. It will normally happen in the first stroke, but you might need to go over once more, in short strokes this time.
  • It might not come easily to you to just do this in one stroke when you try it at first, so you can open your eyes wide, and do it in tiny strokes so you're not worried about poking your eye. But once you get the hang of it and know how much of the brush/ pencil you need to put in your eye, you'll be able to do it in a stroke!
  • This is probably going to be the easiest - Look up till your eyelashes touch the skin near your eyebrows and hold your eyelashes there with your index finger. Your upper waterline is completely exposed now and it'll be easy to just fill in!

 Left no tightlinining. Right tightlined eye.

Normally, I just use almond oil and a cotton swab to remove makeup from my eye area. Kajal/ liner/ mascara etc. It works really well.

But to just spot fix this issue, I take a very tiny bit of almond oil (normally from what's stuck to the lid) on a cotton swab and go over the area exactly like how I tightline.
Again, left with a red eye because I can't for the life of me click a picture and do this at the same time!

I hope you understood half of what I was trying to say! Phew! I thought this was supposed to be the easiest and hence started with it but it took all day and a lot of energy!
Never thought I'd say this ever but bouquets and brickbats are most welcome!


  1. Thank you *throws lots of bouquets and flowers*

    very nicely explained and excellent tips !

    1. haha thanksss! I'm glad you, of all people found it useful! :D

    2. I'm gonna try with the q tip tomorrow :)

      What you planning next in this section?

    3. That's the safest thing to do at first! :)
      Maybe eyebrows/ work appropriate makeup/ then for college goers and stuff! Any more requests? :)

    4. Work appropriate and college goers is what I would like too :)

      And maybe some hairstyles for college too?

      I can't think of anything else , if I do will tell you !

  2. i'll give u bouquets.... 99% of the time even i just tightline while going out!

    1. Yayyy!!! :* I find lining my eyes minus tightlining to be really incomplete!

  3. My eyes water when I tightline -_-

    And I HATE Mascara, but I loveee what it does to my eyes and eyelashes.

    1. True that! Happens to me when I poke my eyes, But you need to find something that wont irritate your eyes!

  4. I simply CANT tightline. My eyelids blink n flutter and I just cant manage to hold my eyelashes while I tightline. Makes my eyes water terribly. The only time ive tightlined is when ive got my makeup done professionally.
    lots of bouquets for you for explaining this so well. With pics too!

    1. Ouch! I know what you mean! But as bad as it sounds, it only will get better with practice. Either our eyes start trusting our hands and stop fluttering or they get used to being poked!
      (When they trust hands, they still get rude poke shocks once in a while!)

  5. very nice post :) i really like tightlining :) i dnt use this gel liner as i find it a pain to remove! so i use kajal , lakme absolute kohl works great, dsnt smudge :)

    1. Oh nice! Thanks for letting me know. I'll try that next! :)

  6. :) nice!! i love tightlining!

  7. I love tightlining a lot! It sure adds some much needed definition to the eyes. Nicely explained :)

  8. very nice post! i too find my look incomplete without tight lining my eyes. following you! do have a look at my blog if you like what you see do follow back!

  9. Thank you .....
    I tried with almond oil and q tip it came out so well without hurting :D:D


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