Monday, July 29, 2013

Manicure Monday Thanks To Crea Nails

Ask anyone who has known me since I was a kid and they'll tell you  that I haven't really changed as a person (I mean ask people who actually know me. Not the weird stalker types that go "you've changed!" Bo*bies happen, people!) You see, a lot of my thinking/ decisions/ general way of life has a lot to do with what I knew/ saw/ learnt as a kid. So obviously I never forgot this one episode of Popeye where Olive is getting ready for a date and she puts her hand in a box with holes cut out for nails and slathers red nail polish over it and gets her hand out all shiny, red and manicured!
Needless to say that was the first and only thing I've been thinking about since I used these tiny nails stencils from Crea Nails. I've been meaning to post this for the last two Mondays but better late and all that, right?

Okay so These contain stencils in various sizes. The have a few extra ones in the same size like 3,4,5 that are probably going to fit most people.  
 You just wear them and paint your nails (obviously not as shabbily as I did) and then remove the stencils carefully so you don't mess up the application.
It comes with strips for french manicure and that's totally idiot proofing it. The kiddie version comes with really cute nail stickers that I'm obviously going to keep with me forever and just stare at.
 This is the first time I used this (in the photos above) and honestly while I thought I wouldn't use them on a regular basis, I did end up using them both times I painted my nails since. In the picture below you see an unedited end result. I've done a better job after the index finger (where I wore a size too big at first, then changed). It doesn't feel like an extra step because cleaning up after painting my nails is such a chore normally, this prevention is better than cure thing works for me! Plus I got sent this kiddie version that I might let my little cousin have if she's extremely nice to me for like the next 3 years. But then she might be grown up for it then. oh well.
 I'm wearing the MUA Pistachio Ice cream nail polish here again!

Price: $24 
Available here. You get free shipping all over the world for a bill over $60. Also they have a warehouse in UK so all you guys from UK can place an order here.
Also here's their facebook page for offers and stuff like that.

There! That's a real Pistachio Ice cream and the MUA Pistachio icecream on my nails! Not on instagram yet. Let me get paid, will get there too. I flicked my brother's phone for the above picture and many others that I then make him whatsapp me that you might have seen if you follow me on Twitter and/or like my Facebook page. BTW I do need suggestions on which phone to get. I'm looking at the Samsung galaxy S4 because that's the new phone important people in my life are buying lately. But tell me anyway.

  *Life rant - For the first time I don't have any post ready in my drafts. Ok that's a lie. I never have posts ready in my drafts and that means I have to do the whole transferring of photos, re-sizing and posting/ writing together. Yes, very bad planner! And honestly that's the reason I haven't posted in a while. I've been getting work home and by the time I'm done, I'm so tired I'm bed by 9:30 (obviously I sleep much later but that's another story!). I recently came to terms with the fact that I'm a 24 year old living a middle aged life and no, I wont get over it. Plus I've been really whiny lately (can't you tell?) I literally pms-ed through the entire month! Ask anyone who knows me. So please forgive me for not being around. I'll try my best to be more organised but this is a start, isn't it? And this one's going to be a crazy week at work so I really hope I can keep my promise!

*pr sample.


  1. I received this too... minty nails look so cute on you!!!!
    cant wait to try.. :)

  2. Beautiful Mani :) The shade looks so refreshing on your cute nails :)

  3. Hey nice to see you around again :)

    I'm having the whole month pms thing also , showed my dr she said that its somekind of hormone problem at our age , and gave me meds , because of which I'm thankfully fine :D. You can try it out.

    Wow , these are perfect for me :D will order them soon :D

    1. yay! Oh I'm pretty sure it's the overworked-underpaid thing that's making me pms-sy. You'll love them! :)

  4. Good to have you blogging again :)
    I never have any posts in my drafts either....never get the time to do that. And yea, I'm terrible at time management :(
    The pistachio polish looks fab on you.

    1. :D don't know how people manage that! Thank youuuu!:*

  5. You're still loved a lot but :* , PMS or no PMS

    1. awww you are too Grinchu! The only Grinch to be loved as much ever! Mmmwah!


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